Welcome to the Flying Rhino Cycling Club


The FRCC, based out of Clarkston, MI, was established in 1982 as a racing orientated club with members who rode and trained together because they loved cycling. Today, the club has retained those original components but has grown into a well-rounded bicycle community that promotes cycling at all levels.

Q: Why the Flying Rhino?
A: We're often asked how we came to be called the Flying Rhinos. Surely, there must be a story to accompany that playful logo and whimsical name. While most teams have mascots with names such as The Hornets, Bulls, Jaguars, and Sharks, there must be a reason for calling ourselves the Flying Rhinos. Perhaps it is based in Greek mythology? Maybe it comes from a Disney movie?

The widely accepted story goes like this:

Jeff Noftz was sitting in a restaurant in Moscow, Idaho with an artist / friend discussing the formation of a new cycling team he was organizing when he casually mentioned that he wanted an animal as a mascot. The artist drew a quick sketch of a Rhino riding a bicycle. Jeff said it looked like a Flying Rhino.

The name stuck and with it came a club that's serious about having fun.

By the way, the quick sketch on a napkin in an Idaho restaurant is the same drawing seen today at cycling events throughout the Midwest.


Q: So, when do you ride?
A: Mountain bike and road bike rides (of varying degree) are scheduled throughout the week during the riding season. Visit our Group Rides page for details.

Q: Being a club and all, when do you meet?
A: The FRCC typically meets at 5:00pm on the third Saturday of each month. All meetings are at Kinetic System Bicycles in Clarkston, MI.

Q: How do I join?
A: Simply fill out a membership form and pay dues of $35 per person, or $35 per family.

Q: What does my $35 get me?
A: Besides membership to the best club in Michigan, you will get:

  • Monthly newsletter that will keep you up to date on all happenings in the cycling world and the FRCC
  • Access to members-only content on this web site
  • Discounts on tours and events sponsored by the FRCC
  • Discounts on certain equipment and accessories at Kinetic Systems Bicycles
  • Access to certified coaches/trainers
  • Access to Tuesday night training at Waterford Hills Raceway
  • Information on special promotions, trips, rides offered by the FRCC or Kinetic Systems Bicycles
  • Purchase of official FRCC clothing, exclusively sold at Kinetic Systems Bicycles, everything from hats, jackets, shorts, jerseys, skinsuits, etc.
  • Winter awards banquet
  • Summer picnic
  • Someone to ride with
  • and much more...