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Polly Ann ride Sunday July 15, 10:00 am.

Join us at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  The weather looks good but tipping back up to some high temps.  Some folks heading out to Leonard and back others to Dryden.  I'm hoping to do the taco ride to Imlay City the following Sunday July 22 for those that are interested.  Looking for a nice Sunday with temps in the low 80's for the taco ride.  Hope to see you this Sunday come on out and pick your route and group going your preferred MPH. 



Saturday Depot Road Ride

Gang, I will be out of town this Saturday but, rest assured that the usual group confirms they will be there for our beloved ride.

Date:   Saturday July 14th
Time:   8 am start
Place:  Depot Park, Clarkston, Michigan 
Pace:   18-20 mph cruise.

As a reference to our speed, I observed earlier this week that the Tour-De-France Time Trial winning teams cruised at 34 mph. The used 58 tooth chain rings while common road bikes use 50 tooth versions. WOW !

As is usual, if it rains Saturday morning, use your judgement about continuing this ride.

Dan Gauthier


Tour di Lago in Port Austin

After an absence of a few years the Tour di Lago will be held again in Port Austin on Sept 9th.  I help a bit with the planning of this event and since several Rhinos have participated in the past I wanted to post info. about this and about what is new.

There will be new road routes ranging from 12 to 65 miles and a gravel route.  The gravel route provides two options, a conventional gravel road route and the Sand Road Challenge.  Both options make the trip about 38 miles.  The Sand Road Challenge option is approx. 4 miles long and is mostly very loose sand.  A fat tire bike is strongly recommended for this option and this makes for a very satisfying ride.  The conventional option can be ridden with any bike suitable for gravel roads.

See for further desicriptions, etc.:

Route maps:



Wednesday gravel ride update

To clarify a post from two weeks ago, the Wednesday night intermediate gravel road ride will be moving to the Brandon Twp Public Library starting this week, July 11. The Wednesday night social ride, led by Scott, will remain in Clarkston. Due to the closing of the parking lot at the Clarkston Independence Elementary school, "social" riders will meet at the Clarkston Family Farm just to the east of the school, near the intersection of Hubbard Road and M-15. 

The Wednesday night social ride is geared (sorry) for entry-level riders or riders who wish to ride at a more comfortable "conversational" pace. The intermediate ride averages a slightly faster pace of maybe 14 mph. Both are no-drop rides and everyone is welcome to attend, although membership in the Flying Rhino Cycling Club is encouraged. Helmets are required for both rides and headlights and taillights are recommended at all times and required at the beginning and end of the riding season. 

The location move of the intermediate ride is experimental at this point. Certainly there is no intent to exclude anyone - it's being done simply to try out some new routes over lightly traveled beautiful country roads. Many of our familiar routes will still be utilized, just skewed a bit to the north. At the end of the season we'll consider the success of the new start location, the routes available, and the impact on the regular attendees, and make a decision from there. 

Please continue to support both the Wednesday night intermediate and social gravel road rides!



Polly Ann ride Sunday July 8, 10:00 am.

The weather is looking good for our ride this Sunday!  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Some folks heading out to Dryden others to Leonard.  Meeting back at the coffee shop after the ride. 

Hope to see you,



Saturday B-Group Depot Road Ride

The posting last week for an earlier ride seamed to confuse people. Fortunately, the weather forecast shows a very nice reduction in temperature by Saturday. So, I will post the usual start time.

Date:    Saturday July 7th
Time:    8 AM start
Place:   Depot Park, Downtown Clarkston
Pace:    Cruise at 18-20 mph

This is a no-drop ride. But, please be comfortable to ride in close quarters of a pace line. Respect your fellow riders and other vehicles on the road. The route will be determined by those present. The recent favorite route toward Fenton & Holly is undergoing road paving at this time. So, we will be temporarily using a different route.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Dan Gauthier 


4th of July Parade tomorrow................

Join us for the parade tomorrow.  We are in need of one or two if possible barbeques to grill our hot dogs, sausages and veggie dogs on.  If you can bring one with you please let me know.    Meeting at the shop between 8:00 and 9:00 am.  to decorate our bikes and pedicab.   Join us for grilling after the parade back at the shop.  T-shirts will be at the shop tomorrow to wear in the parade.  I will pull a shirt for you with your name on it if you gave me a size on the sign up genius.  All other shirts will be first come first serve for sizing.  We would like to get everyone in a shirt.  If you would like to bring a dish to pass or a snack that would be great. 

See you tommorow,



Saturday B-Group Depot Road Ride

Given the extreme high heat and humidity this weekend together with some of the earliest sunrise times of the year, I propose that we start the ride earlier this week.

Date: Saturday June 30, 2018
Time: 7:30 AM Start....   <<---   Note Early start time.
Place: Depot Park, Clarkston Michigan
Pace: 18-20 mph cruise

While this is a no drop ride, please be comfortable with riding in close quarters of a pace line. Please check your bike for readiness ahead of time. Please be respectful to other riders and vehicles on the road. We will take a route preferred by those present. Commonly, this is ~45 miles west toward Holly & Fenton.

I look forward to your pace, friendship and support.

Dan Gauthier


Wednesday gravel ride cancelled

It's been raining on and off all day today. Steve reports that there are rivers flowing down the gravel roads up here in Brandon Twp. There is a line of rain extending west back to Byron. It looks like a washout, folks. I won't be leading the ride tonight. If by chance the sun comes out this evening by all means get out and ride before the week of hot humid weather arrives. 

The ice cream ride will be rescheduled for a future date TBA. There will be no official club ride next Wednesday July 4. Ride in the parade if you wish, and sometimes there is a Depot Park ride before the parade, so watch for someone else to post. 

Also, please remember and help spread the word that the ride location will be moving to the Brandon Twp Public Library starting on Wednesday July 11. Plan your drive or ride and be prepared to leave the parking lot at 6:30pm as usual. I've got some great new routes planned. Hope this change won't inconvenience anyone too much. Please be open-minded and give it a try. 

Be careful if you choose to ride in the coming heat. Ride early and stay hydrated. 

Hope to see you on July 11th at the library. Until then, have a safe and fun Independence Day week ahead. 



Wednesday gravel ride news, please read!

The Wednesday the week before the 4th of July is typically the "ice cream ride" where we ride first to Cook's Dairy Farm for an ice cream then ride to work it off! That day is tomorrow - Wednesday June 27. However, the forecast is for rain all day, perhaps ending before the ride starts. On days when it's rained and the roads are muddy, we typically do the subdivision ride where we ride through all the surrounding paved subdivisions. So for tomorrow - if for some reason it doesn't rain we'll do the ice cream ride. If it rained all day but ends before the ride we'll do the subdivision ride. If it's raining at 6:30, we won't ride. 

Next, Joel, our former ride leader, tells me that we've never held the Wednesday gravel ride on the 4th of July. However, if you're in town and don't have plans, why not ride? If there's a ride this week, I'll take a show of hands if you want to ride next week.

Finally, Clarkston Independence Elementary school has closed their parking lot for re-surfacing and for some other construction projects, I believe. They are allowing us to park in the parking lot immediately to the east, closer to the intersection of M-15 where they have a small farm. We can meet there this Wednesday if the weather permits. HOWEVER, I have decided that this is the time to temporarily relocate the start of the ride. For the remainder of the 2018 riding season, the Wednesday night gravel road ride will start from the Brandon Township Public Library parking lot located at 304 South Street in Ortonville. I have wanted to do this for some time, just to "mix it up" a bit. By starting further north, it gives us some new route choices both east and west of M-15. In our self-imposed two-hour time limit, we'll be able to ride north of Goodrich, north of Hadley, over to Oxford to the east, and to Holly to the west. We'll be spending a bit less time in Oakland County and more in Genesee and Lapeer Counties. I've discovered that Genesee County has some great gravel roads! Of course, we can still incorporate some of our favorite challenging hills. This is just an experiment, but I intend to try it out the rest of this year. 

Please help me spread the word. I will also post this to the Strava FRCC Wednesday Gravel Grinder "club" page. The new start location will begin on July 11. If you're coming from the east, consider taking Seymour Lake Road or Oakwood Road to M-15. If you're coming from the west, consider Grange Hall Road into Ortonville. For those riding or driving up from the south, please allow yourself some extra time for the northbound traffic on M-15. 

Change is good!