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Wednesday Night Social Ride 6:30, 3/20/19 possible rain-Cancelled

At the moment, the chance of rain is climbing, so I will cancel on Wednesday if appropriate (watch this space).

If we are a go; Meet at Independence Elementary, on Hubbard off of M-15, leave at 6:30. Lights and appropriate clothes. This time of year is always dicey, so all we can do is try.

Bowing to the Rain Gods- cold and rain just sucks all the fun out of it.


Polly Ann ride Sunday Mar. 17, 10:00 am.

I'm hoping to get a ride in this Sunday St. Patrick's Day!  However waiting to see how much the trail and roads dry up.  It is looking very mud festival-ish today.  I will put a posting out tomorrow evening.  If it looks like it is going to get below freezing Saturday night and take a while to warm up on Sunday I'm willing to give it a go.  Stay posted!



Wednesday Night Social Ride 6:30, 3/13/19

It is the first Wednesday after the time change-so traditionally, time to get moving!

Keep an eye on this post, we are suppossed to have rain in the morning and a dry afternoon / evening, if we are dry, we will ride. I will cancel here if the rain hangs around.

6:30 at Independence Elementary parking lot, on Hubbard off M-15. 

Bring your lights, don't forget a helmet and dress appropriately. This will be an easy ride just to knock the cobwebs off, out to Independence Oaks and back. We will need to be very aware of lingering ice and other obstacles on the path, so we will be riding cautiously.


Waterford Spring Race - Volunteers needed

The FRCC Spring Training Races will be held Saturday April 6th at the Waterford Hills circuit.  We need two volunteers to take entry registration for the earlier "C" and "B" races from 9:15 to 11:15am.  If you are available to help please contact me at

Alternatively let me know if you want to assist on the start finish line.  First race starts at 10:30am, last race finishes by 3pm.

Many thanks,



Polly Ann ride Sunday Mar.10 ,10:00 am.

The weather is not looking good for the ride tomorrow.  Rain moving in tonight with a mix of rain and snow tomorrow, yuck! 

Hope to see you next week!



Polly Ann ride Sunday Mar. 3, 10:00 am.

Dare I say it?  Looks like we will be able to get a ride in!  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford at 10:00 am.  It will be a bit chilly so dress warm.  Meeting up at the coffee shop after the ride.

Hope to see you,



Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb. 24, 10:00 am.

Well once again the weather isn't looking good for a ride tomorrow.  The trail conditions haven't improved at all.  The weather is calling for rain over night with a mix of rain and snow with 30 and up mph winds.   February has been a bust for the Polly Ann ride.  Hopefully March will prove better! 

Enjoy your trainer or whatever activity you decide to do tomorrow.

Hope to see you in March.......................


Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb. 16, 10:00 am.

With the trail conditions a frozen uneven tundra I'm cancelling the official ride tomorrow.  This hasn't been a great winter for fat bike riding.  If you head out somewhere have fun and keep the rubber side down!

Hope to see you next week!



Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb. 10, 10:00 am.

The temps are looking good leading up to and on Sunday.  Lets see how the trail conditions improve etc. in the next few days.  I'm hoping to get a ride in this week.  Stay tuned......................



Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb. 3, 10:00 am.

The weather isn't looking to good for Sundays ride.  temps are going to be warming into the 40's and will be turning the snow into a slush fest.  Let's see what happens to the dirt roads between now and then.  I will put a post out tomorrow night.