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Polly Ann ride, Sunday Jan.7, 10:00 am.

Looks like we will be at a balmy 20ish degrees on Sunday.  Which will feel like a heat wave compared to today through Saturday!  We will head out of Evergreens Coffee Shop onto dirt roads.  Depending on how many show up we may caravan up to Hoosnier Rd. and hit dirt from there.   Fat bikes recommended but a mtn. bike would do.  Planning on heading out for an hour to 90 min. tops.  This is a no drop ride so we will keep the group together.  Please bring everything needed to fix a mechanical and a phone for non-fixable things on the road.  Meeting back at Evergreens Coffee Shop post ride for hot coffee or cocoa or whatever floats your boat after a winter ride.  Hope to see you at Evergreens.....................

Anne................  cycloanne@yahoo.com