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Polly Ann ride Sunday, Nov.19, 10:00 am. 

Hoping for better weather this Sunday!  Ride your Fat Bike if you have one.  Some of us are going to ride out to Dryden and back.  Some folks heading to Leonard.  Join us at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford at 10:00 am.  Meeting back at the coffee shop after the ride.

Hope to see you,




Hi Everyone,

Very recently, I've made the decision to join a different cycling club that in my opinion, is just a bit more geared towards road riding and racing. For whatever crazy reason, I still feel like I can get faster as I get older?

Twelve to thirteen years ago, I wandered into the shop and was fitted for and bought my first road bike with Jeff's help. Numerous Rhino road rides, Rhino functions, nights at the track and dirt road rides later, my passion for cycling is stronger than ever. I owe a large part of that to the store and the club! I've met so many great people and have friendships today as a result.

I've never believed that comradery within the cycling community is defined by the color of one's jersey. Therefore, I look forward to riding with everyone moving forward. Please know that I love all of you purple guys and gals. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's ANYTHING that I can be doing to help you! Thank you all so very much!

See you soon,  -Ken



Polly Ann ride Sunday, Nov.12, 10:00 am.

Fat bike Sunday, ride your fat bike if you've got one!  Otherwise mtn. or crossbikes.  Some of us are planning on riding out to Dryden and back.  We are attempting to ride the trail in a bit.  I would suggest a fat bike or mtn. bike for this section, it is on the bumpy side!  Some folks will be heading to Leonard and back.  As of right now the weather is looking a bit dicey for Sunday.  If I cancel the ride it will be posted by 9:00am. Sunday morning.  No news is good news, no further posting means we are riding!  Join us at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford. 

Hope to see you,



Paul Bailey Recognition Fund

Please consider supporting our efforts to make this happen! See below:


Polly Ann ride Sunday, Nov.5, 10:00 am.

Please join us at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  As of right now the weather is looking questionable.  I will check the radar Sunday morning.  If the weather isn't cooperating I will post a cancellation by 9:00 am.  Otherwise hope to see you at Evergreen's.



Iceman Racers

Good luck to all of the Rhino's heading up to the Iceman! 

Our very own Robert Linden is going to be inducted into the Michigan Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, for his years of Tailwind work.  The award ceremony will be on Saturday during the race around 2:00 to 2:20 pm. close to the finish line.  If you are able please head over to give a round of applause and cheer to Robert, for all of the great races and series Tailwind put on over the years!  Racing in Michigan will never be the same.  We miss you Robert!!!!!! Congratulations!


Polly Ann ride Sunday, Oct.29, 10:00am.

Join us this Sunday at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  It should be dry but a bit chilly.  Time to dig out the winter riding gear! 

Hope to see you,



Le Ride - documentary

If you're not aware of this event, I found out about it through my affiliation with the Detroit Randonneurs.  If they sell enough tickets they show the film, if not they cancel.  This is the first time I've heard of an event like this.  Anyway, I bought tickets so if you go, give me a shout and maybe we can all sit together.

Upcoming screening of LE RIDE at 3033 Springvale Dr, Walled Lake, MI, 48390.

This event is promoted by Demand Film


More information can be found here about this film:


Tony Fontana


Polly Ann ride Sunday, Oct.22, 10:00am.

Join us at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford. 



Saturday Depot B-Group Road Ride

Every opportunity this time of year may be our last until snow melt. Please join us for another great ride.

Date: Saturday, October 21st.
Time: 8:30 am start    <----  NOTE TIME........
Place: Depart from Depot Park, Clarkston, MI
Pace: 18-20mph cruise

This is a no-drop ride but, please be comfortable with riding in close quarters of a pace line. Check body & bike to avoid mechnical difficulties. Be respectful to rules of the road and watch out for your fellow riders.

Dan Gauthier