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Saturday Road Training Ride, Depot Park 4/1/2017

Hi Folks!

Time to crawl out of hibernation and hit the road! I'm going to schedule a road training ride for this Saturday, April 1st at 9:00 a.m. No, this is not an April Fool's joke! Ride will begin and end at Depot Park in Clarkston, MI. Route and pace to be determined by those present at the park. Approximately 40-50 miles in length to start the year. Early on in the season, I wouldn't expect any land speed records. However, with folks doing winter training, we shouldn't be at "drag an anchor speed" either. As always, proper safety and road etiquette apply. Please bring navigational assistance just in case.

I look forward to seeing you, -Ken Pallach


Spring Training Series Volunteers Needed

Hello Rhinos, Spring is officially here and the Spring Training Racing Series will be starting soon.

We're still looking for a few volunteers to help get the track ready and assist Pete on race days.

If you can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday morning or afternoon, please add your name to the signup list here.



Wednesday gravel road ride

Hey folks! Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and spring brings the beginning of the riding season. The weekly Rhino group rides traditionally start the first week of April. For the Wednesday night gravel road ride, that means Wednesday April 5th. For those not familar with the ride, we meet at the Clarkston Independence Elementary School on Hubbard Road in Clarkston between 6pm and 6:30pm. The ride leaves the parking lot promptly at 6:30pm. Membership in the Flying Rhino Cycling Club, while not required, is strongly encouraged because our club rides and riders are covered under a group insurance policy. What is required is a helmet, a bicycle (cyclocross, mountain bike, gravel, or 29'er are recommended), and a light for spring and fall rides. We typically cover 25-30 miles at an average pace of around 13mph at the beginning of the season and 15mph during the peak of the season. The route varies each week. 

Unfortunately, I will be missing the first two rides on the 5th and 12th of April because I'll be away on a business trip. I'll start leading the ride myself on the 19th of April. Don't let that stop anyone though! The ride should continue - all it takes is a volunteer ride leader for the first two weeks. Of course, weather is frequently a factor in early spring. Oh, did I mention that the ride leader needs to be a club member? I just did... Other than that, I won't tell you how to lead your own ride, except to HAVE FUN. That's what it's all about. 

Looking forward to seeing each and every one of the Wednesday night gravel road riders in a few weeks. 



Poly Ann ride tomorrow??

Is anyone doing the ride tomorrow (Sunday, Mar 19)?  Sorry I missed last week - I overslept!


Michigan Mountain Mayhem Lottery Registration Link

If you missed the early registration for MMM on 6-17-2017, apparently it is possible to use this link for "lottery" registration link to sign up if you are interested:



Polly Ann ride Sunday Mar.12, 11:00 am.

The weather is looking good for this Sunday.  Remember daylight savings starts Sunday early am. so don't forget to spring ahead before you go to bed.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford. 

Hope to see you there,


Polly Ann ride Sunday Mar. 5, 11:00 am.

 I won't be able to lead the ride tomorrow.  I have asked a few others and they are also unable to attend.  If you would like to lead the ride please contact me at

Thanks, Anne.............Looking forward to seeing you next week.


Polly Ann ride Sunday, Feb.26, 11:00am.

Looks like we may be getting some snow on Saturday an inch maybe.  Fat bikes or mtn. bikes recommended.  Last week the trail was pretty soft and wet in some spots.  Coffee at Evergreen's post ride. 

Hope to see you,


Rare winter Wednesday night gravel road ride

On Sunday's Polly Ann ride I commented to Sean and Heather that the forecast looked good for this Wednesday and that maybe we should do the Wednesday gravel road ride. Both of them liked the idea. Later, over a post-ride coffee, Heather said she couldn't make it. Hmmmm, how does that work??? 

So, Heather won't be there but maybe you can be. The forecast looks quite nice and the road report is dry with potholes and rocks. Better, perhaps, than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and certainly better than quicksand mud on the trail. 

We'll meet at the Clarkston Independence Elementary school on Hubbard at 6:30, just like we do all season. However, this will be a very casual off-season base mile type ride. No hammering, unless you're Chris and can't help yourself from charging up hills. Lights are a necessity, and despite the road report, your bike will probably get dirty, so don't say I didn't warn ya. 

Really, have we ever done the Wednesday ride in February? Hope to see you there to mark this momentus occasion. 



Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Feb.19, 11:00 am.

Weather is looking good for this Sundays ride, high of 50???  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop.

Hope to see you, Anne