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Saturday "A" Ride, July 15th, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Folks!

Lets meet this Saturday morning at Depot Park in Clarkston at 8:00 a.m. This is a drop ride so please bring navigational assistance if you decide to fall back. Ride is approximately 50 miles with the route and pace determined by those present on Saturday morning. Rules of the road and proper paceline etiquette observed. Please take a look over your bike to avoid mechanical delays out on the road.

Hope to have a good rip! -Ken


Time Trial anyone?

A while back Dan G. and I talked about continuing to do some informal time trials this summer on certain Tuesdays at the Waterford track.  Is anyone interested in doing that this Tues (July 11)?  If so, please respond.



Polly Ann ride Sunday July 9, 10:00 am.

Please join us for the Polly Ann ride.  Meeting in Oxford at Evergreen's Coffee Shop.  Heading out to Leonard and on to Dryden for anyone who is game.  Meeting back at Evergreen's for coffee and goodies post ride.  This ride breaks into groups so everyone has someone to ride with.  If you haven't tried this ride yet come on out!  Bonus no cars to worry about.............

Hope to see you,



Saturday "B" Ride, July 8 at 8 AM

Posting in Dan's absence:

Date: Saturday, July 8th
Time: 8 am departure
Place: Depot Park,  Clarkston 

This is about 40-50 miles at a route determined by those present. Pace will be ~18-20 mph in close paceline formation. Please keep safety and respect for all rules of the road in mind.



Road "A" Ride, Saturday July 8th, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Folks,

I'll be absent from this weekend's ride, However, if someone would please step in and lead the ride, no reason why things shouldn't roll on! Again, ride meets at Depot Park in Clarkston at 8:00 a.m. Drop ride with the pace and route by those present at the park. Be safe & have a great ride!



Very Sad News...............

Michael Seaman was killed earlier this week while out riding his bike.  For those of you who didn't know Mike, he was a permanent fixture in the cyclocross scene.  Going back to the original Tailwind days with Robert.  I saw and raced with him for many, many years, ten years plus I'm sure.  The last few years I raced I got to know him a bit better racing in the single speed category with him.  He was a super nice guy.  I never heard him raise his voice or get bent out of shape about anything.  He was a very clean and polite racer.  He truly loved racing and riding his bike and always had an encouraging word.  He will be so missed by the cycling community.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael and his family and friends. 

Anne Schwartz

Flying Rhino Cycling Club


Polly Ann Ride Sunday July 2, 10:00 am.

Please join us for the ride.  Hoping to get some more folks interested in riding up to Dryden.  There is a nice group riding to Leonard and back.  This is an out and back so you can determine your distance and your pace.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Refreshments and chit-chat at Evergreen's after.

We still have t-shirts available for the parade on Tuesday the 4th.  If you are available please join us for the parade and barbecue afterwards.  Contact me at  to reserve a shirt.

Hope to see you at both events,




B-Group Road Ride - Columbiaville


As promised, let's meet at Brandon Township Park in Ortonville for a ~50 mile ride to Columbiaville.

Date: Saturday, July 1st
Time: 8 am start
Place: 1414 N Hadley Rd, Ortonville, MI 48462
           Brandon Township Community Park
            ~ 1/4 mile north of intersection Oakwood & North Hadley Roads

These roads are beautiful, quiet and freshly paved. Beware however that elevation drops 520 feet riding north followed by 520 feet climb coming home. A majority of that elevation climb is during the last ~4 miles where grade approaches 10%. In the wise words of Pete Newbury, "if you can still talk, you aren't riding hard enough."

Dan Gauthier


Road "A" Ride, July 1st, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all those who made the ride from Wojo's a good one last weekend!

Lets meet this Saturday morning back at Depot Park in Clarkston at 8:00 a.m. The ride will be 50ish miles in length with the route and pace determined by those who show up at the park. Again, this is a "drop" ride so, bring navigation if you happen to fall back. Please check the mechanical function of your bike prior. Rules of the road and proper paceline etiquette apply.

Hope to have you on board! -Ken Pallach


Volunteers needed for Tour de France Intro segments on Fox 2

Hi all,

Woody Woodriffe of Fox 2 would like to tape his intro segments for each day of the Tour De France at Waterford Hills track with the Rhinos riding along with him again this year.

It would be this Tuesday and start around 6:00pm

As he rides around the track doing his pre-recorded segment intros to a film crew riding in a pickup, we would ride along side and behind him and provide riders as a backdrop.

I need to give him a thumbs up  (or down, if we dont have anybody that wants to come) this weekend.

if you are interested for a little facetime and some fun on TV, send me an E-mail at;

I will let everybody if we get enough riders to make it a go.