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Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Feb.12, 11:00 am.

Weather permitting we will be riding tomorrow.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  If the weather looks bad I will cancel by 9:30 am. day of.  Watch for a posting here. 

Hope to see you,


Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb.5, 11:00 am.

Looks like another great day for a ride.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee shop in Oxford. 

Hope to see you,



Polly Ann ride Sunday, Jan.29 at 11:00am.

The weather is looking good for this Sundays ride.  With the cooler temps we should have some nice frozen firm ground to ride on.  Unlike last weeks mud-fest.  Once again meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Meeting up at the coffee shop post ride to refuel and chit-chat.  Any questions email me at 

Hope to see you there, Anne........


Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Jan.22 at 11:00am.

The weather looks good for this Sunday.  See you at 11:00am. at Evergreen's Coffee shop in Oxford. 



Polly Ann Ride Sunday Jan. 15,11:00 am.

Come join us for the first Polly Ann of 2017 at 11:00 am. tomorrow.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop 33 Pleasant St. Oxford 48371.  Parking is across the street from the coffee shop.  Ride your fatty if you have one.  If not we won't discriminate against your mtn. cross or highbrid. Planning on riding to Leonard and back.  Warming up at the coffee shop after the ride.  Any questions contact me at

Hope to see you there,



Wednesday gravel road ride

This is it folks - the final, final Wednesday night gravel road ride. This Wednesday looks to be dry and cool. There is rain and possibly (shhhh) the "s-word" in the forecast in the next week so we better wrap this thing up.

This has been one of the best seasons for the Wednesday night gravel road ride in recent years. We continue to see a growth in attendence for this ride, which says volumes about the scenic beauty, variety of routes, and challenging hills.

This week's ride will be a wind-down. Instead of pushing the pace, we'll just be enjoying one last outdoor bike ride. C'mon out and join us, otherwise, see you next spring folks.



Depot B-Group This is a Non-Post


Weather forecast for Saturday suggests 30°F with mid-20's feel at zero mph. The 'feel' temperature is also below the dew point. I've reached my point to cry uncle and crawl indoors to my trainer.

I encourage someone else to post a ride if they choose.

Thanks for the great season!

Dan Gauthier


Saturday "A" Ride, Nov. 12th

Hi Folks!

I'm going to keep posting the ride as long as the conditions are dry. Sadly however, I think our window may be closing soon. So...........while we can, let's meet at Depot Park in Clarkston at 8:30 a.m. As you know, this ride is approximately 50 miles in length, with the route and pace determined by those present at the park. This is a "drop" ride, so be prepared to find you way back if you decide to fall back. Proper paceline and road safety etiquette are observed.

Hope to see you there! -Ken


Wednesday gravel road ride

I am out of town this week and am unable to lead the ride. It looks like it will be dry and probably a bit cool. If someone else wants to lead the ride then please post a note on the Cycling News page, or simply gather at the school and see who else shows up. 



Saturday B-Group Depot Road Ride

Date: November 5th

Time: 8:30 am  (Note 1/2 hour shift for sunlight).
Place: Depot Park, Clarkston
Pace: 18-20 mph cruise.

Toe warmers and long fingered gloves are advised. Very few of these rides left this year... Please join us.

Dan Gauthier