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Sunday Polly Ann ride Mar.4, 10:00 am.

Looks like another great day for a ride!  Meeting at Evergreen Coffee Shop in Oxford.  We will see how much snow we get on Thursday and if it sticks around until Sunday?  Fatties may be preferred but a mtn. bike would more than likely be fine. 

Hope to see you,



Volunteers Needed For Spring Training Racing Series

Looking for volunteers to spend a couple of hours supporting the Spring Training Racing Series at Waterford Hills, starting March 31st and continuing on the following two Saturdays.

Click here to volunteer:


Sunday Fat Bike Ride, Polly Ann 10:00 am.

I'm hopeful to be back at Polly Ann this Sunday.  We shall see how much rain we get on Friday and make a decision from there.  I was out at Holly Rec. hiking the other day and figured Wally and I both would need to visit the dog wash station.  We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of mud!  There was still a bit of ice here and there but you could easily walk around it. 

If all remains equal meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford at 10:00 am.  If I change the location I will post it here on Saturday evening.   If you have a fattie bring it, however a mtn. or cross bike should be fine.  Fenders are always nice......................

Hope to see you,



Sunday, Feb.18 Fat Bike Ride 10:00 am. Indian Springs Metro Park

Snow condition wise lets head back to Indian Springs this Sunday.  The eight mile loop should be in good condition, and we will be able to get some riding in.  Fatties recommended but a mtn. or cross bike should be fine.  Meeting up top at the heated restrooms.  Looking to get in 90 or so minutes of riding, depending on the conditions and temp.

For anyone that is interested lets head over to the Union after the ride for breakfast.  I believe they serve breakfast until 2:00 pm.  It will be a trip down memory lane from days gone by.  Winter training ride on Sunday at Indian Springs followed by much deserved Union french toast and coffee!

Hope to see you,




I have received word from some riders out at Addison that it isn't rideable.  It has been groomed but it is way to loose and powdery. 

Going to ride at Indian Springs Metro Park.  The paved trail is plowed so Fatties should be great and a mtn. bike would more than likely be okay.  We will be bringing the refreshments hoping to get into the Nature Center or the big building.  Meeting up at the top heated bathrooms at 10:30 am.

Don't despair this is the last post, I promise!!!!!!!!!!



Polly Ann ride, Sunday Feb.11, 10:00 am.

Please join us for Fat Bike Sunday.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Looks like we will have fresh snow to ride on once again this week.  Meeting back at the coffee shop post ride for coffee or hot chocolate. 

Hope to see you,



Polly Ann ride, Sunday Feb.4, 10:00 am.

Please join us for Fat Bike Sunday at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford. Meeting at the coffee shop post ride for tall tales and hot coffee!

Hope to see you,



Polly Ann ride, Sunday Jan.28, 10:00 am.

It is looking like a great day for a ride on Sunday.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.

Hope to see you there,



Polly Ann, Sunday Jan.20, 10:00 am.

Hoping to get a ride in without ice pellets or drizzle.  Hope to see you at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  If I cancel there will be a post Sunday am. by 9:00 am.  No news is good news.................



Polly Ann ride, Sunday Jan.14, 10:00 am.

This Sunday is looking good for some winter riding.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  We will see what the weather brings on Friday.  Looks like we should get a fresh few inches of snow.  Hope to see you at the coffee shop!