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Wednesday gravel road ride - cancelled

I'm not a meteorolgist yet, but it appears it's going to rain tonight. The chance of rain increases with each passing hour starting at 5pm. By 7pm, it seems a pretty sure thing. That means we would likely finish in the rain. We could try to stay close to home base, but that means another edition of the subdivision tour. 

I'm thinking that most folks who are serious about riding this time of year are training for Iceman. If that's you, I suggest that tonight you go out as early as you can and do your own training ride, and get yourself home before 7-8pm.

Hope to see you next week. It looks like it will be much cooler next week, but hopefully drier. 




Saturday "A" Ride, October 15th.


As the sun is still up at 8:00 a.m., lets start at that time on Saturday. Again, meet at Depot Park in Clarkston. This ride is a "drop" ride with the pace and route (approximately 50 miles) determined by those present at the park. Bring navigational assistance if you decide to fall off the paceline. Proper paceline etiquette and rules of the road are observed.



Depot Saturday B-Group Road Ride

The weather forecast looks great for another fall early morning ride. Please join us.

Date: October 15th.
Time: 8:30 am  (Note 1/2 hour shift for sunlight).
Place: Depot Park, Clarkston
Pace: 18-20 mph cruise.

Toe warmers and long fingered gloves are advised.

Dan Gauthier


Waterford Track Tonight Oct.11

Jeff and I will not be making it to the track tonight.  Feel free to use the grass for cross practice.  Use the flags or stakes and barriers.  Please put them away before you leave behind the wall where we store them.  Please make sure the bathrooms are closed and locked.

Thanks, Anne............


Depot B-Group Road Ride

It looks like Saturday should provide great fall weather for a ride. Please join us. Soon, winter will make us wish for days like this.

Date:  Saturday October 8th
Time:  8:30 AM   (new time - accomodating sunlight)
Place: Depot Park, Clarkston
Pace:  18-20 mph cruise.

Please note the slightly later time. Some of us ride to Depot and need twighlight for safe interaction with vehicles.


Dan Gauthier


Fall Color Back 40 Challenge and Barbecue Sunday Oct.9

Please join us at the Fall Back 40 ride this Sunday.  If you haven't registered yet don't delay online registration closes on Thursday Oct. 6.  Day of registration opens at 7:30 am.  and closes at 12:00 noon.  Barbecue provided by the Clarkston Union is included in your registration fee.  Under The Red Light Amber Lager from Witchs Hat Brewing Company out of South Lyon MI will be available for purchase.   Please spread the word and bring some friends to ride with. We are still in need of some volunteers.  Volunteer and ride and eat for free.  Please go to the sign up genius page and pick a job.  Please help the FRCC make this event a success. 

Anne Schwartz

FRCC Tour Director


Saturday "A" Ride, October 8th

Hi Folks!

I won't be around on Saturday morning to lead the ride. Please post in my absence and roll on!

Be well, -Ken


Polly Ann Ride Sunday October 2, 2016 10:00 am.

Weather permitting..............Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Coffee and chit- chat after the ride.  I will cancel this ride by 9:00 am. on Sunday if the weather doesn't cooperate.  Think sunny, dry thoughts.

Hope to see you there,



Saturday B-Ride, October 1-CANCELED

Posting in Dan's absence:
Date:  Saturday, October 1st (Weather is not permitting)
Place:  Clarkston Depot Park
Time: 8 am departure
Pace:  18-20 mph cruise, no drop ride
The forecast looks like rain all morning, so canceling the ride for this week. Hopefully there will still be a few weeks of decent weather left this season.

Wednesday gravel road ride - CANCELLED

It's just too cool and wet to have an enjoyable ride tonight, folks. Going to cancel the ride and hope for better weather next Wednesday. 


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