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Polly Ann Ride Sunday April 23,10:30 am.

Weather is looking good!  Come and join us.  Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.


Wednesday gravel road ride - CANCELLED

If it's not raining where you are right now, wait 15 minutes and it will be. Going to cancel the ride for tonight. Sorry, folks. 



Wednesday gravel road ride

I'm keeping a close eye to the skies for the Wednesday night gravel road ride. The present forecast is calling for showers throughout the day Wednesday. If the roads are wet / muddy at ride time, then I'll be cancelling the ride. However, if the forecast is wrong and it stays dry, then the ride is on! Look for an update here before 4pm Wednesday. 

On a related note, have you paid your FRCC dues this year? While membership in the club is not a requirement to participate in the club ride, it is encouraged because the club has purchased insurance to cover club members on organized group rides. I had forgotten to pay my 2017 dues until just yesterday. Just a friendly reminder in case you're forgetful like me. 

Think warm and dry thoughts!



Preview - Saturday Depot B-Group Road Ride

Hi Gang.

Spring is here. I've been getting several private e-mails asking when the beloved Saturday Depot B-Group road ride will start. Here's the scoop. Several of us have been volunteering April 8, 15, and 22nd for the FRCC hosted road racing at Waterford Hills Raceway on Saturdays. We welcome you to join that fun too either by racing of volunteering.

God willing with reasonable weather, we will start the Depot B-Group morning ride on Saturday April 29th. Watch next week for further detail.

The B-Group is a no-drop ride. We cruise at 18-20 mph and are in close pace line formation. Safety is paramount. Obey all traffic laws and support each other. The ride is usually ~48 miles with a stop half way.

The Depot ride does not require that you are an FRCC member however, in my expereince, the Tuesday race track is where I have learned my paceline riding skills most effectively. Thaat is open to guests one time and then requires FRCC membership.




Polly Ann Ride Easter Sunday at 10:30 am.

Please join us Easter Sunday for the Polly Ann ride.  Please note we will be heading out at 10:30 from now on, or until further notice............Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Hoping the weather holds out for us. 

Happy Easter!



Polly Ann ride Sunday April 9, 11:00am.

Join us this Sunday for the Polly Ann ride in Oxford.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee shop.  The weather is looking great!!!

Hope to see you,



Tuesdays At The Track Next Week

Despite the weather "setbacks" yesterday, Spring is here and club activities at Waterford Hills will start next Tuesday April 11th, and the forecast is actually looking reasonable (warm at least).

Remember, the track is now available free of charge for all active club members, so come on out and get some seat time in. Depending on the turnout and people's preferences, we'll either do group or individual activities.

Also, the Spring Training Racing Series starts tomorrow (April 8th), come on by and watch the action if you aren't quite ready for competition.


Polly Ann ride Sunday April 2, 11:00 am.

Finally looks like some good weather for Sunday, high of 59!  Meeting in Oxford at Evergreen's Coffee Shop.  Hope to see you there!


Saturday Road Training Ride, Depot Park 4/1/2017

Hi Folks!

Time to crawl out of hibernation and hit the road! I'm going to schedule a road training ride for this Saturday, April 1st at 9:00 a.m. No, this is not an April Fool's joke! Ride will begin and end at Depot Park in Clarkston, MI. Route and pace to be determined by those present at the park. Approximately 40-50 miles in length to start the year. Early on in the season, I wouldn't expect any land speed records. However, with folks doing winter training, we shouldn't be at "drag an anchor speed" either. As always, proper safety and road etiquette apply. Please bring navigational assistance just in case.

I look forward to seeing you, -Ken Pallach


Spring Training Series Volunteers Needed

Hello Rhinos, Spring is officially here and the Spring Training Racing Series will be starting soon.

We're still looking for a few volunteers to help get the track ready and assist Pete on race days.

If you can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday morning or afternoon, please add your name to the signup list here.