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Saturday "A" Ride, Sept. 9th, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Gang!

Lets meet back down at Depot Park in Clarkston this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. This drop ride is approximately 50 miles with the route and pace determined by those present at the park. Please bring navigational assistance if you decide to fall back. Rules of the road and proper paceline etiquette are observed. Also, please check out your bike prior to avoid mechanical issues out on the road.

Hope to have a good rip! -Ken



Iron Belle Trail Update

There is still time for Brandon Township residents and other interested parties to let their voices be heard in reference to the Iron Belle Trail connector in Brandon Township. You can contribute feedback to the Township, more information can be found at the Brandon Township main page website.

The latest survey data is currently running 51-49% against a trail proposal, which is a shift in the data from previous surveys which were much more in favor of a trail within the township.  The township board will be voting on the issue on October 5 in a public meeting. The Sub- Committee meetings are also open to public, next meeting is September 11 @ 2:30 pm.

You are encouraged weigh in, focusing on the positive benefits of the trail, such as freedom from vehicles on a designated trail, a safe place for kids to ride with their families in Ortonville, access to a continuous, integrate network of trails all the way to the UP, increased property values, etc.

Regardless of where you live, you can attend a meeting showing support for the trail. The grant money is for the trail only, if this doesn't go through, the money is gone, it does not get allocated to another Brandon Township expenditure. A connector will eventually be built, the only question is if it is located nearby and convenient, or not.


Polly Ann ride Sunday Sept.3, 10:00am.

Please join us for a great ride!  Starting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Some folks riding to Leonard, others heading to Dryden. 

Hope to see you,



Saturday "B" Ride,September 2 @ 8 AM

Posting in Dan's absence:

Date: Saturday, September 2nd
Time: 8 am departure
Place: Depot Park,  Clarkston 

This is about 40-45 miles with no drops on a route determined by those present. Pace will be ~18-20 mph in close paceline formation. Please keep safety and respect for all rules of the road in mind.


A-ride from Wojo's, Saturday, Sept. 2nd, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Folks,

The ride this week is going to roll from Wojo's Nursery in Ortonville, Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Address is: 2570 Oakwood Rd., Ortonville, 48462. This ride is fun! Spin from Ortonville to Columbiaville & back, approximately 50ish miles. The pace is determined by those present. Please bring navigational assistance as this is a drop ride. Please observe proper paceline etiquette and rules of the road. Also, please check over your bike prior to avoid mechanical issues out on the ride. As always, looking forward to it!

See you there! -Ken


Saturday B-Group Depot Road Ride

Please join us for our beloved Saturday morning ride:

Date: Saturday August 26th
Time: 8 am departure
Place: Depot Park, Clarkston, MI
Pace: 18-20 mph cruise
Distance: ~ 40-45 miles  Route determined by those present. 
This is a no-drop ride. But please be comfortable with riding in close quarters of a pace line. Follow all rules of the road and look out for each other.
Dan Gauthier

Saturday "A" Ride, August 26th, 8:00 a.m.

Hi Folks!

Lets meet Saturday morning at Depot Park in Clarkston, 8:00 a.m. This ride is approximately 50 miles in length with the route and pace determined by those present at the park. Please check your bike over prior to the ride to avoid mechanical issues out on the road. This is a drop ride so bring navigational assistance if you decide to fall back. Rules of the road and proper paceline etiquette are observed.

Hope to have a good rip! -Ken


Polly Ann ride Sunday Aug.20, 10:00am.

Please join us at Evergreen's Coffee Shop at 10:00am. in Oxford. 

Next Sunday is the club summerfest out at Addison Oaks.  We will be hitting the mtb trail at 1:00pm.  Not into that there will be a gravel road ride out of Addison at 1:00 pm. also.  Don't forget to sign up by Aug.22.

Hope to see you,



Iron Belle Trail segment in Brandon Township

Hi folks,

Well, it seems that time is running out and the DNR / State of Michigan have asked the Brandon Township officials to make a decision by this October whether or not they want the Iron Belle Trail to run through Brandon Township. The township officials have had over two years to consider options and plan but they've faced strong opposition to the trail from NIMBY's (not in my back yard). It's boiled down to a simple yes or no vote amongst township residents. If yes, then a suitable route still needs to be determined. You can read more about the battle and how to cast your vote here, If you're a resident of Brandon Township, cast your vote by emailing as described in the article. A simple SUPPORT or DONT SUPPORT vote, along with your name and address. One vote per household. 

Happy Trails



Assenmacher - Sunday August 20th

Hey gang, its that time of year again. We have a gathering started for the Assenmacher ride.

This starts in Swartz Creek from the Assenmacher bike shop.
8053 Miller Rd.
Swartz Creek, MI

If not registered by now, you will need to register at the store prior to start. Price $20. The ride is well supported in terms of rest stops. Its mostly flat but can experience prominent wind.  At this time, I plan to do the metric century route (~66 miles). There is a Chase Bank branch that is ~ 1/2 block north of the bike shop that works very well for parking and staging to meet as a group. Let's meet at that Chase Bank location and be ready to roll at 8am.

Print and complete the registration form in advance to save time. Please give yourself 15-20 minutes on arrival to complete registration at the store.
Wear your Rhino colors....
Dan Gauthier