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Tues. MTB Novi Tree Farm

A few of us ar planning on doing a couple of laps again at the Novi tree farm Tuesday at 5:30.


Michael and Lisa


Wojo's Ride Sunday July 10th

Wojo's ride sunday will be 55 mile with an average pace of 18 to 19 mph, starting at 8 am. I think this week the route will change slightly, ride the route in the reverse direction. Try something new instead of the usual. If you have never come out to a Wojo's ride your missing out on a great ride. The roads are nice, low traffic, and a good group of people to ride with. Don't let the pace stop you from riding, the ride is a no drop ride and we can always form a second group to slow the pace down. The weather looks great for sunday morning so come out and ride.



Thursday Night Gravel Road Ride, July 7, 6:00 pm.

The weather is looking good once again, I haven't officially checked anything, but it looks good out the window right now and I'm counting on it staying that way.  I'm planning on mixing up the route, and playing around with the pace medium to high after the warm-up.  Hope to see you later, Anne.......


Saturday 8:00 am Ride 7/9

As usual, let's meet at Depot Park, 45-50 miles, 20+ mph average. Route to be determined. Dress light, bring water & wear your sunscreen. See you there! Ken Pallach

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Tree Farm pre-ride

This may be a bit early, but a few of us wanted to get together this Saturday evening to preride the novi tree farm. It is located within lakeshore park in novi. We will be leaving the trailhead at 6pm for our ride with hopes to do a couple of laps in the park. All of the riders that are expecting to race are encouraged to come. This ride will be a medium to quick paced ride. As always if we need to split into groups, we will. Any questions or concerns, give me a call.

John 248-421-2569

Information on the park and directions can be found here

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Saturday beginner ride

It is looking like great weather for our saturday morning mtb ride. As always, we will leave the Harmon rd lot of bald mountain at 9am.

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Right now we have four volunteers for the Adopt-A-Road cleanup
Saturday July 16th and we would like ten. It will take place right after
the regular Saturday morning rides which get back around 11 am.
The plan is to change clothes and meet at Allen and Holcomb
near the 1-75 bridge (bring a glove). The cleanup takes about 45 minutes, sometimes a little less
sometimes a little more. Then the club will buy you lunch at Brioni Cafe, great food.
It's good fellowship, great stretching after a ride and the food can't be beat.
Besides, we really need your help. email me if you want to volunteer. You don't need to do the ride to help.



Remember to come on out to the Parade this Monday, meet at St. Dan's at 10am. or stop by the store anytime after 9 to decorate your bike. Also, as always there will be a little get together at the store after the Parade with some food and refreshments if you  would like to bring something please do. So come on out and wear that Rhino gear if you've got some,,, the more the merrier so bring along anyone and have some fun.                                                                         jeff


Re-Cap Thursday Night Gravel Road Ride...................

Thanks to all that showed up, finally a great night with beautiful weather.  Big thanks to Mark W. who came out and helped keep the pace high all night, I hope he can come out every now and again.  We rode backwards but then did the Perryville hills the regular way, and to make sure everyone got enough climbing we came back Gibbs to Rattlelake Road, that really put the hurt on.  We ended up averaging 18mph.  Hope to see you next week, Anne......................


Sunday Wojo's Ride

Sundays Wojo's Ride will be 56 miles with an average pace of 18 mph, starting at 8 am. If we have a big enough group we can split the group into to two groups with one group being a little faster than the other. Greg