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Spare Some Change? Humane Society Mutt March June 5

Once again Wally who is humane society "alumni" myself and new rescued dog Dixie will be walking in the mutt march, June 5 at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate in Grosse Pte.  I'm collecting donations, so if you can spare some change or more I will have my envelope with me at the track and on Thursday nights.  With the downturn in the economy and people surrendering their animals, or just letting them go, more than ever the Humane Society is on overwhelm with dogs and cats.  It takes roughly $156.00 to help one animal spay, neuter, shots, etc.  Last year I raised $500.00 I'm hoping to double it.  If you are interested in joining me at the mutt march e-mail me.  Thanks, Anne...........


Brighton Stage Race

We certainly didn't have the best weather This weekend but we had a greatshowing by the Rhinos with a lot of medals and plaques going home withmembers of our team. GREAT JOB TEAM!!!

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I thought I better go, some nut case is apt to show. When I got to Depot Pk. Brent was sitting in his car, my worst nightmare. Then Simon pulled up and said, "I'm riding whether you guys go or not." He was training for an ironman in June. I still wasn't sure about this "tin soldier" going when Ken pulled up. We went and it was raining when we took off. We did the regular 45 mile route and it stopped raining after 30 miles or so. It was a fast ride since we couldn't see but oddly enough I was glad we did it and we were back before 11.


Thursday Night Gravel Road Ride

For the first time ever and for a change of pace we headed out and then mixed up the route to keep things fresh and interesting.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy mixing up the loop, so I've decided to change the route up from time to time.  We averaged just under 17 mph. which was a little to hot for this time of year, for the next couple of Thur. we will stay just shy of this speed "the best we can".  We are still re-grouping to keep the ride together.  Come and join us at 6:00pm.  from Kinetics, please park at Depot Park and ride up to the shop.  Anne................


Sog Fest. Race Weekend........

Good luck to all Rhino's racing this weekend at the Brighton Stage race.  I hope you are able to have fun soggy around in the wet grass and mud.  Well the cook-out promises to be fun.  Maybe you guys lucked out and it isn't raining there?  Shaun's new mtn. bike will never be the same.   Best of luck.....

Tour of Washtenaw racers I hope everyone had good luck, it's hard to suck a wheel on muddy roads, I know I would have looked like Howdy Doody by the end.  Lot's of bike clean up ewwwwww, Anne........


Group Ride Survey

The Flying Rhino Cycling Club is interested in your opinions on various aspects of our sanctioned group rides. Please fill out the survey on our Group Ride Survey page for any and all rides that you've participated in this season.

Because the FRCC group rides are open to non-members, this survey is also open to non-members. Even if you are logged in, your survey response is anonymous. 

The deadline for survey responses is June 15, 2011. The Group Ride Survey results will be analyzed and presented online and in a future edition of the club newsletter.

Thank you in advance for expressing your opinions.


Saturday morning Fenton ride

Starting the first Saturday in June (6/4) there will be a ride toFenton starting at Depot Park at 8 a.m., for a total of 40 miles at15-17 mph.,


Sunday Wojo's Ride

Sunday Wojo's ride will be 54 miles, 16 to 17 mph average, start time 8 am. The weather forecast is calling for thunder storms and rain so check for post if the ride gets canceled. I'm racing Saturday so I might not be there to ride but Pete will be there to lead the ride. Greg


Saturday 8:00 am Road Ride

Depot Park, 45ish miles, 20ish mph average. Perhaps change up the route this week? Everyone wear their thinking (safety) caps under the helmet. I look forward to seeing you there!Ken Pallach

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