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Saturday 8:00 Road Ride April 9th

Hello everyone!The weather is supposed to improve this weekend. Let's meet at Depot Park, 8:00 am, 45ish miles. Route to be determined. Still at pre-season pace, however fast enough to get the heart rate going. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Wednesday night social ride information.

It seems like old man Winter is hanging on desparately and warm weather is not yet winning the battle. While the Wednesday night social ride is supposed to start on April 6th, it may be slightly delayed. The social ride is going to be a fair weather ride only. In other words, if it is raining or has rained hard enough to make the roads nice and muddy, the social ride will be done from the living room recliner. I will try to post ahead of time if the ride is canceled. Other situations that will cancel the ride is if there is more than a 70 percent chance of thunder and lightning storms. These guidelines apply only to the social ride and not necessarily to Joel's moderate paced ride. So if it's dry and the roads are not mudpits, I hope to see some of you Wednesday nights. Dave  


Tonight is the first night at the track

Track officially opens at 6 PM but lots of riders start warming up at 5 PM.

Although tonight is free, we would like you to register starting at 6:15 so we

can update our new database. If you choose to pay $70 during the month of

April for the entire season, you can do so tonight. Training starts about 6:30.

See you there,



Sat. 8:02 Ride & Adopt-A-Road Cleanup

Meet at Depot Pk. for an easy spin road ride, 15 MPH ave for 45 miles.

Meet at Allen and Holcomb after the ride and you change for our 1.5 mile cleanup.

Bring a glove and we'll supply vests and bags and a free lunch following.

Currently we have 7 volunteers but would like 3 more.



MMBA Pontiac Lake Trail Day

Just wanted to pass some important information along from the MMBA:

The MMBA will be holding a trail day on Saturday April 9 @9am.  This day will be sued to get the trail ready for the upcoming season.  Meet at the trail head.  Bring sturdy shoes, gloves, safety glasses, and plenty of water.  (if rained out, it will be same time on the 10th.)

Direct any questions to: 248-736-7145


Spring Training Series Week 2 Recap

Saturday was week #2 of the 3 week spring training series at Waterford Hills Raceway.  We left the sub freezing temperatures behind us and the day began with sunny skies and nearly 40 degree temps for the start of the C race.  We had a good showing of Rhinos in the C race which included both familiar faces and newcomers to the club.  The Rhinos rode strong and at the finish it was Vince Liger in 4th, giving him is second top 5 in as many weeks.  New member Joe Zakrin came up with another top ten finish, in 8th and Steve Lyon rounded out the Rhino finishers with a 12th.


In the B race, it was Todd Fenton who launched attach after attack on the field.  The moves kept getting chased down, but eventually, with about 15 min left in the race, the field was tiring and the move stuck.  Todd was joined by Michael Stroyan in the 7 man break.  The two would work with the group and succeed in staying away from the main field.  Michael and Todd came home with 6th and 7th place respectively.  Meanwhile, in the main field it was Ryan Arb who capitalized on a monster leadout by Tim Sherrow and just missed winning the field sprint by inches, finishing 11th overall.


The A race saw the Waterford Hills debut for new Rhino Rudy Peterson.  The 16 year old rode an impressive race finishing in the top 10 of the 42 rider field.  Another noteworthy finish was Rudy’s father, Houston Peterson who crossed the line in 13th


Next week will be the final round of the Waterford Hills Spring Training Series, so come out and test your early season fitness.  It’s just five bucks for FRCC members in the C race (plus $10 if you don’t have a license) or ten bucks for the A/B races so why not come out and give road racing a try?


Easy Ride Sunday April 3, 1:30 pm.

We will be meeting at Indian Springs up top at the heated restrooms.  Planning on riding 2ish hours at an easy pace, on whatever type of bike you fancy.  Anne...................


Easy Ride Sunday Dirt ? Hopefully.............

Planning on riding out of Kinetics Sunday April 3, at 1:30 pm.  Covering the 25 mile loop, at an easy post ride average of 13ish.  Please park at Depot Park and ride up to the shop.  If the gravel roads are to sloppy we will ride at Indian Springs at 1:30,  watch for a posting Sunday morning confirming the location.   Anne............

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