Mad Anthony

Good luck to all the crossers racing Mad Anthony this weekend.  Have fun down at the Fort.................



Fall Fury Race Grand Rapids Oct.24&25

Once again Jeff Hill has offered to take the tent to the venue.   He will not be staying for the later races either day.  Looking for support in taking it down Saturday night, and in need of a volunteer to bring it back on Sunday.  Please contact him or myself if you can help out with the tent. 

Good luck!!!!!!!!!



Tent Vet's Park

I have only heard back from Jeffery Hill he is racing in the early morning.  He can take it over to the venue but isn't staying all day, so we are in need of someone to bring it back.  Please contact me or Jeffrey if you can work it out.  


Vet's Park Sunday Oct.18

So who is heading over to Vet's Park this Sunday?  I'm looking for someone to take the tent if there is enough Rhino's going.  If you haven't pre-registered make sure you look at the website for your race time, it is completely different from, well what we have been used to for the last many years.  HMMMM rather a big bummer for me that they have the Elite women going off at the end of the day with SS thirty seconds behind.  If I was up for it I guess I'd have to pick one or the other.  I'm hoping for all of you SS'ers that the 45 min. race time is a miss print.  However since you are mixed in with the Elite women and that is a 45 min. race you better get plenty of rest the night before. 

Please let me know if you are racing this weekend, and if you can take the tent and bring it back. 

Good luck to all the Rhino's racing.  Anne


Big Bad Wolf Sunday Sept. 27

This Sunday is the Big Bad Wolf race at Stratford Woods Park in Midland MI.  Is anyone planning on attending?  Is anyone available to take the tent?  I may be going??????still on the fence, waiting to see if my traveling partner aka BOOTS is interested in racing.  Shoot me an email if you are planning on going. 

Thanks, Anne...............