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Entries by FRCC Cross Team Captain (145)


Polly Ann ride Sunday, Feb.26, 11:00am.

Looks like we may be getting some snow on Saturday an inch maybe.  Fat bikes or mtn. bikes recommended.  Last week the trail was pretty soft and wet in some spots.  Coffee at Evergreen's post ride. 

Hope to see you,


Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Feb.19, 11:00 am.

Weather is looking good for this Sundays ride, high of 50???  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop.

Hope to see you, Anne


Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Feb.12, 11:00 am.

Weather permitting we will be riding tomorrow.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  If the weather looks bad I will cancel by 9:30 am. day of.  Watch for a posting here. 

Hope to see you,


Polly Ann ride Sunday Feb.5, 11:00 am.

Looks like another great day for a ride.  Meeting at Evergreen's Coffee shop in Oxford. 

Hope to see you,



Polly Ann ride Sunday, Jan.29 at 11:00am.

The weather is looking good for this Sundays ride.  With the cooler temps we should have some nice frozen firm ground to ride on.  Unlike last weeks mud-fest.  Once again meeting at Evergreen's Coffee Shop in Oxford.  Meeting up at the coffee shop post ride to refuel and chit-chat.  Any questions email me at 

Hope to see you there, Anne........


Polly Ann Ride Sunday, Jan.22 at 11:00am.

The weather looks good for this Sunday.  See you at 11:00am. at Evergreen's Coffee shop in Oxford. 



Polly Ann Ride Sunday Jan. 15,11:00 am.

Come join us for the first Polly Ann of 2017 at 11:00 am. tomorrow.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop 33 Pleasant St. Oxford 48371.  Parking is across the street from the coffee shop.  Ride your fatty if you have one.  If not we won't discriminate against your mtn. cross or highbrid. Planning on riding to Leonard and back.  Warming up at the coffee shop after the ride.  Any questions contact me at

Hope to see you there,



Polly Ann ride Sunday Oct. 30, 10:00am.???????

I'm not sure if I'm going to make the ride this Sunday.  Feel free to meet up on your own and head out. If someone would like to be the official ride leader please post it on this page.   I may be able to get there.  I will put a post out in the morning on Sunday by 9:00 am. if I'm going to make it.  If I don't see you have a great ride!!!!!!   Anne..........


Polly Ann Ride, Sunday Oct.23, 10:00 am.

Hoping for better weather this Sunday.  Meeting at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford on Pleasant Street.  Coffee and chit chat after the ride.  You can decide your own pace and distance.  Everyone has someone to ride with. Questions?  email me at  

Hope to see you there,



Waterford Track Tonight Oct.11

Jeff and I will not be making it to the track tonight.  Feel free to use the grass for cross practice.  Use the flags or stakes and barriers.  Please put them away before you leave behind the wall where we store them.  Please make sure the bathrooms are closed and locked.

Thanks, Anne............