26th Iceman Cometh Challenge 11-7- 2015

Congratulation to all the Rhinos, who rode Iceman last Saturday.

We had 3 podium finishers:

Marc McClubber,         1st in M40               1:49:12

Brian Harville,            2nd in M46               1:49:28

Lisa Loetzner,             3rd in W50-54          2:07:49


Shawn Schaffert,        7thSS M40+             1:56:02 

Dan Checkowsky,       12th M56-57             2:02:42

Peter Loetzner,           17th M55                  2:08:52

Chad Checkowsky,      21st M19-24             2:13:32

Andy Reed,                28th SS M39&under   2:14:42

Paul Checkowsky,       25th M55                  2:17:56

Sean Lennon,             65th M52                  2:55:48

Jacob Shook,            18th MYC M17-18        3:02:47


Please help me out and send me name and result fron Rhinos I missed. I would like to complete this list so everybody gets the kudos he deserves. 

Lisa Loetzner






Tailwind Island Lake Induction May 31

Tomorrow is the Island Lake MTB race put on by Tailwind.  Are any Rhino's planning on attending?  Please put a posting out on the cycling news page.    Good luck to everyone racing...................Oh, and dress warm.


2nd Day of Spring Ride, Saturday March 21st, 11.00 am 

Trails are not rideable yet, but the dirtroads are in decent shape. Please join Lisa and Merlin Loetzner for an easy 16-20 mile dirtroad ride on Saturday, March 21st, 11 am. Meet at Independence Elementary on Hubbard. Mtb, fatbikes or Cx bikes welcome. 


More Iceman Stories:

Merlin Loetzner: He finished in 3:22:09, good for 15th place in MYC 15-16.

I found Iceman to be one of the hardest races I've ever done. They start the youth after the initial waves so I found myself on a trail with 4000 other people ahead of me. The trail itself showed this. What wasn't single trail in ankle deepmud was double track where the side of the trail off the path was the easiest to ride on. Although the race was difficult I still had a nice time and I was very happy to finish with no mechanical issues.
Ezra Henry:
He started in the MYC 15-16 class.
Photo: Ezra with Georgia Gould, the day before she won the pro race

My first iceman was a very interesting one! I was in the 50th wave and it was pretty rough! I liked the bad conditions, it was fun to race in the mud. I got pulled off at one food station I missed the cut by 59 seconds! I wish I would of known they were pulling people off! Even though I didn't get to finish my first Iceman and got pulled off 17 miles in but it was a fun and interesting one! Just next year I need to Finish and stay on two wheels!
John Connor: (No race photo available):
Unfortunately for Craig and I and the other 3900 people behind the first 100 pro’s, it started raining about 1:00 AM the morning of the event. It was still raining and 39 degrees as Craig departed in wave 34 and I departed in wave 36 at 10:45. And as happens many times in these matters, the course runs from east to west the wind was blowing from the west. The decision to get out of the warm car and into the semi freezing rain and stand in the starting corral is one I’ve been pondering for the past three days. Fortunately it did stop raining about an hour into the event but then started snowing for about the last hour and a half.
It is difficult to describe what a wet, muddy, sloppy, shredded, slippery, mucky, sandy, messy condition most of the course was in. After 4000 riders went over it Craig and I were looking at the back end of a cow for most of the way. I’ve been trying to think of worse riding conditions I’ve ridden in over the past 15 years of mountain biking and I can’t remember any. Normally one wouldn’t ride in these conditions as you wouldn’t want to tear up the trail or trash your bike.
I had anticipated averaging about 13 mph. Given I was in the back of the race field and was warned there would be multiple stops on the single track (due to inexperienced / weak riders) I planned on water and calories for 3 hours. Unfortunately I ran out of water with about a half hour left. I was able to grab a hot dog at one of the feed stations and get two bites down before the trail turned difficult again. To say I was in a bad way at the finish would be accurate.
Because of the mud, I could never get into my small chain ring and ended up walking on the steeper hills. Craig bent his chain, ruined his rear derailleur and possibly his front chain ring also. There were dozens of people stopped due to broken chains, broken rear derailleurs and other failures. At the end of the race I had my sand and mud covered bike washed and lubed (Stacey, in an act of pure love stood in line for ~40 minutes for me) at a stand sponsored by WD40. It came out with the finish completely scratched, kind of like someone went over it with a brillo pad. Our bikes were definitely trashed.
The bright spot in this is that I did have my Velociraptor mud tires on the bike. I could ride aggressively with confidence on most of the course while others were slip sliding away.
In the end, I finished about a minute forty five behind Craig with a time of 3:29:19.
In the clothes changing tent at the finish, there was a lot of conversation about the conditions and the course. By that time all the young guys were out and the tent was full of middle aged men. I found it interesting and pleasing there was no complaining, only comparing of experiences. One tall gentleman in the corner was pretty quiet. As conversation died down, I thought he captured the day pretty well. In a voice that reminded me of Eeyore from Whinny the Pooh he said “Up until this moment, I have experienced no joy today. (Tent starts to chuckle). From the moment I got out of the car this morning until now, not one bit of joy. (Everyone starts to laugh)”

 Anne Schwartz:  2:55:34. 2nd Womens Singlespeed

After a 12 or 13 year break from the ice man, I decided it would be fun to give it a whirl on the single speed.  The first mountain bike race I ever did happened to be the 1995 ice man with 27 degree weather and several inches of snow on the ground.  I'd put this one right up with that one for epic weather.  I thought the slip sliding through the mud was a blast. I love looking and finding the best line through the muck.  The combo of super low tire pressure and my brakes working the entire time made for awesome bike handling. However my brakes sounded terrible from about the 3 mile mark on.   I managed to stay upright no crashes.  I was under geared at the start, but as soon as we got onto the trail I started passing people.  Things were going well until I tried to drink from my bottle with my cold hands and soaking wet gloves, nope couldn't squeeze any out.  I had a GU calling my name from my jersey pocket under my outer waterproof shell, nope wasn't able to get that either.  So I did a 3 hour race with a few sips of water out of  dixie cups at the three feed stations, and no food.  I really started to suffer badly around the two and a half hour mark.  I wouldn't say the trees were talking to me, but I was getting a little goo goo gah gah.  I was super happy to see the finish area.  My time was 2:55 which was good enough to finish second in the single speed ladies category.  First place was about two minutes ahead of me and third was hot on my heels thirty seconds back.  I'm looking forward to next year, and some more bad weather!  Next year I'm going old school with some GU's taped to my handlebars and a camelback.   Anne.......


Rhino Race Reports Iceman 2014


Brian Harville: I started wave 1. Everything was going well felt good was probably in the top 15 in my wave. Had a good group of guys working together but with 5 miles to go I started to bonk. I needed to take in more fuel. In the end I only lost a couple of minutes but felt like forever. 2nd in my age group (45) only 10 seconds off 1st 2:08:47. I think I was 69th over all


photo by Chris Schmidt at Xmatic

 Michael Meyer: My first race of the 2014 season. A little sloppy out there but I managed to stay upright.Michael Meyer 42 9th in division 2:20:13 271 overall.


photo by Chris Schmidt at Xmatic 

Lisa Loetzner: What a crazy race that was. I don't have much to compare it to, since that was just my 2nd Iceman. But I heard many say, that these were the worst conditions ever. Rain, snow and sleet for hours transferred the course into a mudslide-waterhole-challenge. The question became quickly who could see the most and whose material held up the best.
I started in wave 5 (what an improvement over wave 42 last year). Expecting everybody being really fast I started out conservatively but soon noticed, there is no need to. I was actually starting to overtake guys picking a better line through the muck. My biggest problem became the limited sight between the steam on the inside of the glasses and the mud outside. After 10 miles in my small chainring became unusable sucking up my chain on the inclines, to avoid damage I jumped off and ran up the hills first. Later I just stayed in the big ring and overtook quite a few riders on the uphills. Halfway through I switched my computer from time mode to miles realizing I would never reach my goal time of under 2:20. I had decided to put my Cytomax in my Camelback: a good decision: I was able to stay fueled and never bonked. (Racers said, they could not grab food and dring due to their frozen fingers).
I finished in 2.37:03, 2nd out of 32 in my age group W 50-54, 648th of 3955 overall. I was pleased with my race. Hope, my bike did not take too much of a beating. New chain and brake pads for sure....




photo by Chris Schmidt by Xmatic

Andy Reed: I rode singlespeed and hoped that I wouldn't suffer mechanical issues, but I wasn't that lucky! I finished the race with no brakes and a partially-seized bottom bracket in 2:44:04. This was my slowest Iceman ever, but also my favorite! The crazy conditions made this a race to remember.

The photo is from Chris Schmidt at xmatic. It sums up my experience for the day!



photo by Chris Schmidt at Xmatic

Sandy Gaulin: My Iceman could be summed up as a battle of man against machine. I started at the front of wave 10 and stayed out of trouble for the first 5 miles or so, but started losing time once the mud and sand built up on my drive train. My bike was falling victim to “chain suck” and as I would start to make hard efforts on the climbs, my chain would wind up on the chainrings and jam against the chain stay killing any momentum I had gained on the approaches. I was forced in to walking/running almost every climb and over the miles that took its toll on me. I otherwise felt pretty good and had managed my fuel and water better than last year, but being out in the cold, wind and rain/snow for 3 hours wore me down and sapped my energy. The last 3-4 miles were more of a mental battle than physical. I finished in 2:52:49, which as 30:09 longer than last year, however that time was marginally better against the field. I was 34th in my age group (out of 79 finishers) and 1030th overall.