My toughest opponent


               I’ve been through it so many times, during course pre-ride, in the parking lot while warm-up spinning on the trainer and listening to my pre-race soundtrack in the headphones.  I try my best to focus my attention on the task at hand, but I always mentally drift. I size up the competition.  Who is the competition today?  I recognize some faces and know how they ride.  Some faces are new.  I try to get a read on them.  Do they look relaxed or tired?  Are they nervous or “casually deliberate?”  Are they sporting the crisp tan lines and toned muscles of an athlete that’s spent a significant amount of time training all season or pale and overweight from an “extended” offseason?  Are they wearing a well-fitting kit and have shaved legs?

                I can do all the analysis I want, but I know my toughest opponent.  He arrives early to make sure there’s ample time to examine the course.  He attempts to figure the best lines through the turns and possible passing locations.  The bike is clean and well maintained.  He’s not on the latest and greatest machine, but the best he can afford.  It’s built and customized by a man that takes as much pride in the machine as he does the crisp tan lines and shaved legs he’s not afraid to, if not proud to show off.

                He competes and has some skills. A little rough at times but he’s no stranger to this.  He’s clawed and maneuvered through the pack to go from dead last to the top 10 or 5 more than once.  Last weekend, he took the hole-shot and led the first lap, was looking at a podium spot for the first half of the race… Then we began to battle.

                A pedal strike and into the weeds.  Over-cook a turn and slide across the course.  Then finally the true battle climaxes.  One racer is spinning hard at the verge of exhaustion.  The other beginning to ease up, figuring that the heart of the race is over.   He’s blown up.  Shut down.  The first would be pulling away if it weren’t for the fact that they’re the same guy.  My mortal enemy.  That part of me that says I’m done, cooked.  He’s able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Some days he’s loud and I give up and listen.  Other days I can push him away just long enough to get the job done.

                I race in hopes that I can kick his ass.  To standup on the podium and tell him I beat him today.  It was a good battle, but I won this one.  I really wish though that he would just oversleep and miss the race next time.     


Hines Park Time Trial.

Sunday was the Hines Park Time Trial. In a never ending effort to get faster I managed to get a 5th place, category 5 finish.  A 20k in 31:38 is moving pretty good.

Take a look at the Road team blog to see all the results from those of us that were there.  I'm pretty happy with my finish because, that was pretty fast.  Better than that was the feeling that the Flying Rhino's had some of the fastesdt riders out there.  We need to find some real good swimmers and we


could be awesome on some relay triathlons!  Here's a few pics to see what fast looks like...


Sunday June 29..

I'm going to be training at Stoney Creek On Sunday morning.  I plan on getting some laps around the park on the bike and a short run after.  Once it starts getting warm a swim to cool off might just be in order.  I plan on being at the boat launch parking are at 9:00.  I welcome anyone to come and join me.  Tuesday at the waterford track is the re-scheduled time-trial night.  Bring your fast bike out and see how you are progressing.  


Tuesday at the track...

This Tuesday at the track we're having another time-trial night.  Starting at 6:30 we'll be racing 5 laps of the track for personal achievement and bragging rights.  Multisporters, Bring your running shoes for a timed additional lap on foot.   


Let the season begin...

Saturday morning I got out the TRI bike for the first time this season.  In the Pouring, cold rain.  It was time to renew my close relationship with my aerobars.  I hope other riders have been spending more time on theirs than I have.  Which brings me to this... Tuesday, May 6 is the first time trial night at the track.  This is the time to see where you're at in your season form.  Come out and strap on a timing chip so you can track your progress.  Last year a trend was started where the triathletes in the group would follow the ride with a run around the track.  Yet another fantastic opportunity afforded to us that other teams don't offer.  Practice the 2nd transition and get it all timed.  So bring your shoes and be ready.