06-09-13 Big Fish Tri / Du

As with any triathlon event it was an early start. The transition was open at 6am and there was no wind, a slight chill in the air and the sun was coming up. Whatever you were doing it was a beautiful morning. The water temperature for the Triathletes was about 63 deg F which is a little cooler than usual.  It was a good turnout for the Rhinos with Sandy Domalagski and myself in the duathlon, Mark Hughes in the sprint tri and Dan Wilson in the Olympic distance tri.

As the Olympic distance swimmers were heading out on their second lap the gun went off for the duathletes. The course consisted of a 5k run, 13 mile bike and a 2nd 5K run.  The pace at the front of the first run was pretty fierce with two runners breaking free of the field with an average pace of just over 6mins/mile. Sandy D had a great first run and finished about 30 seconds in front of me. I was going a little too fast and hoped that my legs were good for the bike.

The bike course attacked our beloved Hadley hill in both directions. The sprint and du turned round a mile or so past Hadley for a 13 mile ride and the Olympic distance was about 24 miles. My game plan for these events is always: go a little faster than comfortable in the first run, try and hammer the bike, and try and maintain position on the second run. So I enjoyed the downhill ride into Hadley, averaging about 24 mph on the outbound ride. As soon as I made the turn around I realized that the ride was also wind assisted so it was a little slower going back up Hadley hill into the wind. My overall bike was pretty good for me with an average speed of almost 21 mph.

I paid for the bike speed in the second run. My legs were very slow to get back into running mode. I was in 4th place overall and 1st place in my age group and knew I had some good runners coming in behind me. As I made my way through  the 1 mile mark, 5th place passed me at a good pace; so now I was in 5th place overall. I just kept the legs turning and the road slowly slid by. I saw Sandy D making her way to the turn around looking very strong and I saw Mark Hughes also looking very strong as I passed him as he was making his way onto the first part of his run. I finished the race in 5th place overall and 2nd in age group with over a minute up to 4th place and over a minute down to 6th place. There is no way I would have been able to move up even on my best day so I was happy. My time was 1:27:33 which was 8 minutes better than the last time I did the duathlon.

Overall a great day and the Rhinos were very well represented.

The Rhino’s best result of the day was Sandy D who came in 1st overall in her race. What a way to come back into multisports. Well done Sandy! Another great result came from Mark Hughes who despite his grumblings about a poor swim came in 3rd in his age group. Well Done Mark!

Rhino Results


Sandy Domagalski – 1:31:02 1st Overall

Simon Lynch (me ) – 1:27:33 5th Overall / 2nd age group

Sprint Triathlon

Mark Hughes – 1:25:32 61st Overall /3rd age group

Olympic Triathlon

Dan Wilson – 2:52:10 58th Overall / 7th age group


2013 Big Fish Tri / Du - TT night

This sunday will be the Big Fish Tri/Du so what better way to limber up than to bring your running shoes to the track and run a couple of laps after the bike TT. I will, alas, not be there but look forward to seeing everybody at the Big Fish.


Memphis in May Triathlon 2013


What is better than a wedding in May?  A morning triathlon and an afternoon wedding in May!  
I traveled to Memphis Tennessee over the weekend to attend my nephew’s wedding and was lucky enough to find a Sprint triathlon 30 minutes from the wedding site.   After confirming that I was not required to perform last minute wedding tasks, I slipped out early Saturday morning to compete in the Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon on May 18th.  
There were 630 athletes competing across the relays and age groups.  My age group had 32 participants.   Most of the groupies had competed in multiple events prior to the Memphis in May triathlon.  This event was my first of the year and I was glad the air and water temperature were above freezing.  I must admit, the warm weather did feel nice.
I finished 11th out of 32.  The most memorable part of the race was at the start of the race when I dove into the water.  The water was colder than expected and literally took my breath away.  I survived the swim and had a decent bike and run.  Both my bike and run were PB’s over last year.
By the way, I made it to the wedding with time to spare.


Mark Hughes  



2013 Big Fish Tri / Du

This years Big Fish Tri /Du will be held on June 9th at Big Fish State park just north of Ortonville. This is a great race to give multisports a go. There is a sprint tri, olympic tri and for those of us that either don't like to or have no time to swim there is the duathlon.

This is a great opportunity for the Rhino's to come out in force. I just signed up for the duathlon. Who else is going?

Lets have some fun!



Indian Springs Ride 03-15-13

I find myself with a free Friday night so I am going out to spin the pedals at Indian Springs. I should be riding by 5:10pm. All welcome