Big Fish Triathlon Results

The Flying Rhinos had a great showing this past weekend at the Big Fish Triathlon in Hadley Twp.  The weather was great, the water cool, and plenty of spectators in attendance.  I think the only complaint heard was about the pesky wind that always seemed to be in your face no matter which direction you were heading.  The Rhinos came away with some wins and training goals met.  For me, it served as my return to racing after having sustained injuries back at the end of April.  I managed to hit my target of top five age group and proved to myself that I hadn’t entirely lost everything.  It really helped to rekindle the fire inside.  Cheers, Tim


Tim Sherrow, sprint distance tri: 5th of 28 in 35-39 age group, 21 of 150 overall, finish time of 1:15:33

Dick Egan, sprint distance tri: 4th of 5 in 64-69 age group, 128 of 150 overall, finish time of 1:39:58

Dan Wilson, olympic distance tri: 10th of 10 in 30-34 age group, 87 of 121 overall, finish time of 2:56:37

Terry Castor, duathlon: 1st PLACE of 7 in 45-49 age group, 4 of 34 overall, finish time of 1:26:41

Ed Chenhalls, duathlon: 1st PLACE of 7 in 50-54 age group, 6 of 34 overall, finish time of 1:27:31






Big Fish Triathlon June 19

For any Rhinos competing in the Big Fish Triathlon, I will have the FRCC tent set-up in the finishing area so you can hang out and swap 'war stories' of your day at the races.  Bring a chair to relax and watch your fellow teammates and competitors finish their race.  See you on Sunday!  Cheers, Tim


Island Lakes / Motor City Triathlons

Dan Wilson has been busy the last few weekends racing for the Rhinos in Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and has provided nice race reports.

If you've done any multisport racing and would like to provide a short race recap, photos, or just your results, send them to frccmultiteam@gmail.com and I will get them posted.  Cheers, Tim Sherrow

Island Lakes Triathlon

Island lakes State Park in Brighton, MI

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Weather was drizzly, overcast, and in the 50's. Overall 1:31:03 time (18 in my age-group) for the Sprint Distance (800M swim, 25k bike, 5k run). 64 degree Kent Lake was cold and that zapped energy from many athletes, myself included. My swim felt pretty sluggish despite my heavy winter training. The other challenge was others not sighting properly and swim in all different directions. Got kicked 3 times and had to switch my line at least 7 times due to other swimmers getting in the way.

Bike started miserably with an aero water bottle malfunction (Velcro kept coming undone and I dropped it 3 times in the first 1.5 miles. The rest of the bike went well despite the cold temperature and wearing wet shorts and a tri-top. Pulled my left calf at 10.5 miles and had to slow to stretch it. Decent average speed of just over 20MPH.

I felt good about my 5k run. I did a lot of work on that this winter so I am happy.

Probably could have been 5 minutes faster without the bottle and calf issues. Looking forward to Olympic distance @ Belle Isle.

Official results:

Overall - 1:31:03, 112/267 athletes

Swim - 105/267 17:48 for 800m, Bike - 127/267 41:16 for 12.5M, Run - 155/267 28:47 for 5k/3.1M

Age Group 30-34

Overall - 18/23 athletes

Swim - 11/23, Bike - 18/23, Run - 19/23


Motor City Triathlon

Belle Isle in Detroit, MI

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Claiming to be the fastest triathlon course in the country, I would have to agree. Very flat overall with a nice current on more than half of the swim leg, the 1.5k swim, 23mi. bike, 6.6mi. run all went very well for me in the Flying Rhino purple and yellow as I raced by first Olympic distance triathlon, after just 4 sprint races.

 It was a windy and chilly 60 degrees in the early morning with the relatively heavy wind all morning out of the East. Standing on the beach with 500+ athlete we all caught the chill off the water. As we entered the 67 degree Detroit River the chill went away as we got down to business on the 1500m swim. I pulled off my best swim pace of any race with a 27:48 coming out of the water in under 30 minutes. 

 After a quick transition, I was off on the 23M bike, or 4 laps of Belle Isle, competing against the wind, Canadian Geese, and the other riders, I made it in under 1hr 10 minutes with my 2nd fastest bike speed of my 5 races with 20.2MPH.

 After another good transition, I was off on my 6.6M run, the longest run of my life. I trained for 6.2M and noticed a week or so ago that the course on Belle Isle was 6.6M.  Ah well, it worked out and I put in my 3rd fastest run pace of 9:20 minute miles to clock a 6.6M run in a bit over an hour.

 As I came down the finishing chute, I checked the clock and I saw 2:44 as I crossed the finish line, (subtract 3 minutes for being in the 2nd swim wave). I beat my goal by over 15 minutes so needless to say, I was very excited and happy with my first Olympic race.

Official results:

·         Overall - 2:41:05, 116/199 athletes

·         Swim - 27:48 for 1500m, Bike - 1:08:21 for 23.5M, Run - 1:01:33 for 6.6M

Age Group 30-34:

·         Overall - 9/14 athletes

·         Swim - 8/14, Bike - 8/14, Run - 10/14


Race for Recovery 1/2 Ironman Race Report

This past weekend Simon Lynch competed in his very first triathlon and a 1/2 Ironman no less.  This was a tune up race prior to his big Ironman debut on June 25 at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  For those not in the know, an Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  Below is a nice race recap Simon's written on his experience in Monroe.  Read and enjoy as I did.  Cheers, Tim.

Location – Sterling State Park Monroe, MI

Distance – ½ Ironman ( 1.2mile Swim, 56mile bike, 13.1mile run)

Date - 06-05-11

The morning rituals started early for me on Sunday. This was my first triathlon and the only one before making my Ironman debut later this month. I was particularly nervous about the swim. Not having competed in a triathlon before I was wondering how many kicks in the face I would get, how many times my head would be pushed under the water and would I make sufficient speed to ensure I meet the required cut off time in the Ironman. Those were my big worries. The water temp was of secondary concern but I really should not have worried about this. The water temp was 68 deg F by race time and with a wetsuit this was like taking a bath, almost.



So with 2 minutes to the start about 100 other triathletes and I stumbled out into Lake Erie ready for the gun. At this point the nerves went away, as they always do, and I focused on the job in hand. Not too fast and not too slow and keep in a straight line. I did manage to get my goggles knocked off in the first 5 minutes but I dealt with it so now I am not so scared of this. I had a few people ride up over my legs and I am sure I must have done the same to a few others.


The course went straight out into the lake and the returned to make a parallel along the beach. The waves became a little bit of an issue at this point in that every now and again when I turned my head to breathe a wave would hit me and I would drink a bit of lake water. I guess this is part of the program. Good hydration! After 1500m the course did a 180 and it was 500m from the finish of the swim. I was feeling pretty comfortable after getting into a nice rhythm and feeling like I was going to survive. I ended up stepping into transition at 42:49 (2:09 / 100m) which I was very happy with. T1 proved to be a little slow as I hadn’t practiced taking my wetsuit off too much. T1 time was 4:52.

The bike route took us out of the park to Fermie power station where we completed 3 loops on rural and very flat roads. It seemed like every time I turned a corner the wind was in my face. I am not sure how this happens but it does. My goal on the bike was to try and cram about 1000 calories into my body together with enough water that I would be fully hydrated for the run. I did achieve this goal but my stomach didn’t feel too comfortable so I didn’t do anything too drastic on the bike. I settled into an average pace of 18.5 mph and completed the route in 3:01:59. T2 was a little slow at 3:30. I was feeling a bit sickly and I had to put on some extra sunscreen. By now the temp was up to the low 80’s. For an Englishman this is way too hot for physical exercise.

The run route was a two lap affair around all the lagoons in the park. It was very nice and in parts shaded, which was a god send. I didn’t start off too quickly as I just wanted to ensure I survived without doing too much damage. My legs did feel quite comfortable, even if my stomach didn’t, and put this down to keeping my pace under control on the bike. By the middle of the run I could feel the heat radiating from the black top path and the only respite was a breeze every now and again that would find its way across the lagoons and the cups of water that I poured over my head at every pit stop. At the end of the run my average pace had slowed to 11:26min/mile for a time of 2:29:41. Given the conditions I was relatively happy with this. If I can maintain this in the Ironman I will be very happy.

My overall result was 111 out of a total field of 154, 84 out of 112 males and 20 out 29 in my age group with a time of 6:22:49. So, not the medal winning ways of the duathlons last year but I am very happy. My plan was executed successfully. I got the open water swimming monkey off my back and now I cannot wait to do my next one!

 Lori and Sean were there every step of the way and gave me great support at the start, in and out of the transitions and at the end when I really needed it. Sean ran across the finish line with me which is always something special. No doubt a future Rhino racer.

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