Polar Rhino Ride 2015 Wrap-up


2015 Polar Rhino Ride Hat Design

Big thanks to all of the people that made the 2015 Polar Rhino Ride a big success.

Many, many thanks to the Flying Rhino Cycling Club for putting on the 26th Annual Polar Rhino Ride and 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off.  Awesome job FRCC Tour Directors for putting on a well-run event.

Thank you to our main sponsor, Kinetic Systems Bike Shop.  Hats off to Louise and Jeff for working the event all day.


Thank you volunteers, we couldn't do it without you:

Delivery and set-up: Sean Lennon and Mike Couturier

Registration:  Sandie Domagalski and Merlin Loetzner

Refreshments, making that coffee:  Kristen Rich and Anne Schwartz

SAG Drivers: Sean Lennon, Jim Owens and Dave Lidgey

Tear down and clean-up: LIsa Loetzner, Russell Drown and Matt, Ezra and Sarah Henry

Route Marking: Pete Newberry and Chris Witherspoon

Chili Cook-Off

Big round of applause to the Chili Cook Off competitors:

Vegetarian Chefs:

  • Diane Neigebaur
  • Louise Kasl
  • Heather Langille
  • Russell Drown,
  • Anne Schwartz
  • Ryan Younan

Meat Lovers Chefs:

  • Jacob Shook
  • Andrea Tucker
  • Janet Newberry
  • Lucille Irons
  • Chuck Tadavich
  • Kevin Richman
  • Gary Chisholm


Vegetarian Master Chef: Heather Langille, chili entered: You won't believe this is vegetarian chili "chili"

Meat Lovers Master Chef: Kevin Richman, chili entered: Spicy Meaty Chili


Congratulations to the three raffle winners of the FREE entry into the SPRING BACK 40 CHALLENGE:

  • Alisa Bell
  • Rob Elosegui
  • Chris Witherspoon


And most of all, a giant thank you to all of the riders that came and rode into 2015 with us.  We hope you had as much fun as we did putting on this event.  We hope to see you at our next Back 40 Challenge Event, The Spring Back 40 on SATURDAY MAY 9, 2015.

Tour Directors, Anne Schwartz and Lisa Loetzner