Michigan State TT, Hines Park, 2015, 40K

Michigan State Time Trial Championships, 2015, Hines Park, 40K.

Sandie Domagalski.....35+ women.....State Champion.....Gold medal.

Mark Wolowiec.....55+ men.....Silver medal.

Vince Liger......60+ men....Bronze medal.

Congratulations to all! Nice job. Sandie D will eventually be receiving a championship jersey for her efforts. It has been a nice touch by the MBRA the last couple of season to award the winner of each category a winners jersey. Well deserved after all Sandie's efforts and set backs over the years to see her on the top step....she modeled her new jersey a Mary Kay sort of way!

I over heard Vince talking afterwards that he bested his previous efforts in the TT by 10 min! Vince has been riding strong this season and has been selecting TT's for his races. Well done Vince!

I personally have not posted anything for quite sometime....busy with training, rehab, gym work and basically trying to get healthy and pain free. It will take some time....but I am working towards that goal. I was happy at week 15 post accident to be competing again in a race. Not the easiest to come back to....but relatively safe.

Hope your riding and
Weekend were good!
Mark W.
FRCC Road Captain

Michigan State Time Trial, Hot and Humid, but Gold, Silver and Bronze!


Spring Thaw Ride-Kensington MetroPark, Sunday, 3-15-15, 9:30am

Let's see if any of those indoor on your bike trainer rides have any effect on riding outdoors in the wind and sun? It has been another tough ride out doors .....but maybe winter is winding down......still some time left there however....

Meet at the usual spot......boat launch.....west side of park.....not far from the Kensington golf course.......not the disc golf that's on the east side......near the heated restrooms.

9:30am.....2-3 hours with 1 hour what is comfortable for you.....
I'll have my road bike......maybe a trip into Island Lake Rec to make a bigger loop for those interested......but never really ever far from our cars or restrooms....

Possible coffee stop in Milford afterward depending on interest....

Hope to see you on a ride or at a race soon.....just 3 weeks away from Waterford Training Series.
Take Care,
Mark W.
FRCC Road Captain


Kensington Training Ride, Sunday, 1-25-15, 9:30am

Hopefully the winter will cooperate and the park roads clear and dry.

2-3 hours, 9:30am, Kensington MetroPark, west side of park near the golf course, boat launch and heated restrooms. Warm weather gear, 15 mph ave, perhaps a coffee at StarBucks afterwards depending on the group.

Hope to see you on a ride?

Mark W.


Haute Route 2015

I accidentally stumbled upon a short cycling promo, 30 min. in length on Universal Sports Network called the Haute Route. It was reliving the 2014 version while promoting 2015.......some of the routes for 2015 are already sold out.

The formal website is

If I were a cyclo-tourist or serious rider or racer, I sort of am already, this event would be on my radar screen in the next couple of can do it by yourself of as a group. At least while I'm relatively fit and healthy and feeling young.

Basically, this is a fully supported ride/race that is like doing a mini Tour De can go as hard or easy as you is timed and there are awards for top is 3.....7 day continuous  ride/races, you can do 1 or 2 or all 3 weeks just like the Tour. The stages go over many of the same routes as the Tour like Mont Ventoux, L'alpe Duez, etc....

One week in the Alps.......the next the Pyrenes and then the Dolomites.......most of those interviewed all commented on how spectacular the scenery is/was and that just survival and finishing was a huge accomplishment.

Just like with any race training, it's all about goal setting and preparing yourself far enough in advance to get your body ready for the big an amature this is about as close as it gets to feeling like your on a pro team or in a race. If I read and watched correctly this group takes care of everything you just need to ride and recover. You may be able to UTube the event to watch what I saw on TV. Or check out the website.


Riding and dreaming,

Mark W.