2017 Spring Training Series

The forecasted strong winds battered the competitors for the second race of the series but the morning rain had stopped before the C-race started, where Jesse Brennan (Lucky 13) made it two wins out of two races as he out sprinted a group of 13 this week in the finish straight.

For 50 minutes of the B race Mark Caffyn (KLM) and Tom Beausoleil (ESR) "enjoyed" a two up time trial off the front of the 40 man (+1 woman) pack.  But the wind eventually sapped their energy as they were engulfed before the final lap.  Leaving Todd Ace (Sweet Bike) to outsprint Justin Kreger (Andre Junior Development) with 26 others finishing within 4 seconds.

The A-race was a scorer's nightmare with a group of 5 lapping the field then the wind splitting it up into numerous groups (some containing racers on three different lap counts).  However the winner was never in doubt as Alex Vanias (Athletic Mentors) finished in a group well ahead of the other 4 (Christian Eckart, Bryce Nuiver, Daniel Yankus & James Reid)

Results are now posted to the USA Cycling website, or click on the below link to view them.


Pete Newbury   (PeteNewbury56@gmail.com)


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