Spring Training Series - Race #3 - cancelled

The weather played havoc with the series this year.  First week we were exposed to gale force winds, second week we suffered through extreme cold and this week we had both wind & cold, but that wasn't the reason why I called off the race.  It wasn't the forecasted thunderstorms or the promised freezing rain either.  Nope, it was the large areas of standing water that had puddled in several places around the circuit that made the racing unsafe.  So with no chance of the rain stopping in the near future I cancelled the meeting at 9am - sorry.

Unfortunately cars are racing around the circuit for the next few Saturdays so I cannot reschedule our cycle race.  We refunded the pre-registered riders that did turn up on Saturday and will credit the others at future Wednesday Night races which start on May 9th.  Meanwhile............


Tuesday Night's at the Track

This year FRCC are inviting non-members to join us at Waterford circuit on a Tuesday evening for various training and skills drills.  Preferred participants will be fitness riders and cat 5 racers with a few experienced racers to mentor the beginners. 

This activity is open to individuals and other club members.  Juniors and females are especially welcome to ride this safe closed 1.4mile circuit.  There's NO charge to ride but non-FRCC members must sign a release waiver each week.

The structured session will start about 6pm but you may enter the circuit any time after 5pm and ride afterwards until dark.  Training drills will include close formation riding, pace line technique, acceleration sprints, sustained efforts, high cadence pedaling, repeated hill climbs, off camber cornering etc.  We will also hold flying lap and 5 lap time trials but I'm not sure if mass start races are covered by the insurance waiver.  Depending on the attendance we will split into groups of similar abilities.

Please let me know if you are interested so I can create an e-mail list to post information and results of previous week's activities.   


Pete Newbury   (PeteNewbury56@gmail.com)


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