2017 Summer Race Series

The sun shone last Wednesday which increased the turnout by 50% from the previous wet race.  Another night's racing with no accidents or crashes and honest straightline sprints - thanks.

Demon Cat 5 sprinter Ross DiFalco crossed the finish line in first place just ahead of Sandy Gaulin (Lucky 13 Racing).  That's 4 wins out of 6 Waterford races so far this year for Ross. 

The A-race let the Base Media Racing duo of Chris Wanley and Benny Cook get away early on in the race.  Several attempts by were made to bridge across but the peleton reeled back of these groups each time but they never worried the Base Media pair.  At the finish Chris out sprinted Benny about 50 seconds in front of the cavelry charge of 40+ racers being lead by Christian Eckart (another Base Media racer).

Results have been posted to USA Cycling, or click on the below link to view them.

The next races at Waterford will be on June 21st.  Hope to see you there.




Race results

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JUNE 7TH A-RACE PODIUM - left to right Benny Cook, Chris Wanley, Christian Eckart



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