2016 Summer Race Series

Last Wednesday was the final race in the 8 event series - amazing how this year has quickly flown by.  I'm happy to report that the first aid kit was not cracked open during any of the 16 races and I don't recall any bike crashes either.  Well done lads & lassies!

In the B-race this week it was John Wurts (Ann Arbor Velo Club) turn to try a lone break away near the end of the race, and managed to hold on to win just beating the pack sprint.

A four man breakaway went clear early in the A-race comprising three Cadieux guys (Cook, Bruley & Wanley) plus our series leader Martin Vecchio.  Team tactics prevailed when Chris Wanley took the sprint win by a bike length from the ever present Vecchio. 

Martin Vecchio had already secured the A-series title before the start of the race.  Chris Wanley's win confirms his series second, whilst Tony Bruley's third place in the race elevated him to third in the series (series podium photo and full list below).

Results are now posted to USA Cycling's website, or you can view them by clicking on the below August 17th link (includes the A-race series points). 

I would like to give a special shout out to Lyn and Janet for smoothly running the registration again this year and to Tracey as the Chief Referee.  Many thanks to the 168 racers that competed this summer at Waterford.  We enjoy organizing the event and hope you can return to race again next year.  Before then the Spring Training Series will be held on Saturdays during April 2017 (website will be updated early next year when the dates are confirmed)





2016 Summer Race Series Results

week 1 (May 11th), week 2 (May 25th), week 3 (June 8th), week 4 (June 22nd), week 5 (July 6th), week 6 (July 20th), week 7 (August 3rd), week 8 (August 17th)



2015 Summer Race Series Results

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2014 Summer Race Series Results: 

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Click on this link to view the final standings in the A-race series.


2013 Summer Race Series Results

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Final A & B series standings