2018 Summer Race Series (a.k.a. Wednesday Night World's)

Another successful season completed.  The weather was good most weeks with only one gnarly wet & windy night.  Unfortunately I had to open the first aid box a couple of times this year and fill out accident reports.  But no accidents during the last two races so only another 48 races to go to match the previous accident free streak!

171 racers entered the series with an average of 66 competing each week.  We saw 10 juniors during the year but only 4 females (despite the free entry).

Congratulation to Sam Junge (Base Media) for winning the overall A-series title ahead of Alex Tenelshof (Village Racing / Base Media) with Luke Mullis (Bissell) third.  The B-series was won by Dean Gericke (Revolution Racing) with Nick Zambeck (Ray's Bike Shop) taking second and Mike Bonnetti third.  Click here for the final series standings.

Last week's race results are now posted to USA Cycling, or you can click-on the below week 8 link to view my listing.  Hope to see you all again next year.


Many thanks to the race official Tracey and Janet & Lyn on reception and Marty & Russ for stepping in when required.  Without you guys the race series could not take place.


Pete Newbury   (PeteNewbury56@gmail.com)


2018 Summer Race Series Results

week 1 (May 9th), week 2 (May 23rd), week 3 (June 6th), week 4, June 20th, week 5, June 27th, week6, July18th, week 7 (August 1st), week 8 (August 15th).


2017 Summer Race Series Results

Race results

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week 5 (July 12th), week 6 (July 19th), week7 (August 2nd), week8 (August 16th),

2017 A-race Points Series

2016 Summer Race Series Results

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2015 Summer Race Series Results

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2014 Summer Race Series Results: 

week 1 (May 7th), week 2 (May 21st),  week 3 (June 4th),  week 5 (July 2nd),  week 6 (July 16th),  week 7 (July 30th), week 8 (Aug 13th)

Click on this link to view the final standings in the A-race series.

2013 Summer Race Series Results

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 Final series standings list                               

 2012 Summer Race Series Results

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Final A & B series standings