Wednesday July 31st Gravel Ride

Group A - We will be departing from Brandon Public Library for the next few weeks. All are welcome.

This week’s route will add some adventure! See the route on Strava

Social Group- Will continue to depart from Independence Elementary, Scott Bendle will lead the ride.

Tuesday Track Night

See you at Waterford Hills Raceway. The track will be opened by 6:00pm. Please park outside the track gate. Club Members only. Time trial on 7-16-2019.

Saturday Depot Park Road Ride

Departs at 8:00am from Depot park, Clarkson, MI. Group “A” ride 45-55 miles at 20-23mph. This is a drop ride.

The Group “B” ride departs at 8:02am from Depot Park, Clarkston, MI. The ride is 45 miles at 17 mph. This is a no drop ride. For questions about the Group “B” ride, you can contact Bill Haslinger via e-mail at

Sunday Polly Ann

Join us Sunday at Evergreens Coffee Shop in Oxford at 10:00 am.  Some folks riding to Leonard others to Dryden.  Meeting up at the coffee shop after the ride.  

Ultra Endurance Gravel Test

We've been invited to participate in the Ode to Laz Ultra Endurance event at Holly State Rec on Saturday August 3rd. This is a running event, and the organizer is looking for a few cyclist to test out a Gravel Road event. (

The loop is 11 miles, and the idea is to complete the loop in 45-50 minutes. Every 60 minutes, a new lap will start. The person who gets the most laps in - last man standing - wins. So, its about pacing for endurance, and riding could go well into the evening.

But don't fret about that. This year, we are only testing it out, so we need 8-10 riders, and you can do whatever you want. 1, 2, 3 loops, whatever. The organizer is only looking for feedback so an actual race can be planned for next year.

It is free to us, although free food for those who make a donation (we will be signed up as volunteers)

9:00am start time, so be at Holly by 8:00am. Here is the route, call me if you are interested. Thanks, Jim 248-797-7021

Strava Route Map

Bikepacking Overnighter

An overnight bikepacking trip is being planned for August 17th - 18th. We will camp at Addison Oaks. email Jim Vassallo for more information.