Today, we are a social riding club. We host weekly group rides, with options for beginners to enthusiasts. Our club is becoming more and more active in Gravel Road, Trail Riding and Bike Packing. But we have maintained our racing roots, and racers continue to join us at Waterford Hills Raceway.

How it all started…

We're often asked how we came to be called the Flying Rhinos. Surely, there must be a story to accompany that playful logo and whimsical name. While most teams have mascots with names such as The Hornets, Bulls, Jaguars, and Sharks, there must be a reason for calling ourselves the Flying Rhinos. Perhaps it is based in Greek mythology? Maybe it comes from a Disney movie?

The widely accepted story goes like this:

Jeff Noftz was sitting in a restaurant in Moscow, Idaho with an artist / friend discussing the formation of a new cycling team he was organizing when he casually mentioned that he wanted an animal as a mascot. The artist drew a quick sketch of a Rhino riding a bicycle. Jeff said it looked like a Flying Rhino.

The name stuck and with it came a club that's serious about having fun.

By the way, the quick sketch on a napkin in an Idaho restaurant is the same drawing seen today at cycling events throughout the Midwest.

The FRCC, based out of Clarkston, MI, was established in 1982 as a racing orientated club with members who rode and trained together because they loved cycling. Today, the club has retained those original components but has grown into a well-rounded bicycle community that promotes cycling at all levels.