FRCC Events and Promotions

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Fall Back 40 - Registration is now open for the Fall Back 40!

Additional info on Fall Back 40 webpage.

New Kits
 - The new kits have arrived.  There will be an opportunity for a second order in the near future. Check out the new design in the Club Store.

Riding Season - Cyclecross practice has started. Tuesday evening at the track.
Look for info on the upcoming Back 40 as well Club Officer elections.  Think about it.
Check the 'Cycling News' Blog for up to date info.

Club Support - Doug James
As most of us have heard by now, Doug James, the head mechanic at Kinetic Systems was struck by a car on Saturday Morning, August 16th while riding his bike on East Holly road.  Doug suffered several injuries, including fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and a bruised lung.   He is spending several days in the hospital to primarily to insure that he doesn’t develop pneumonia in his injured lung and expected to be released early this week.  He will be off work for a while to recover from his injuries.   Jeff and Louise are doing their part to support Doug during his recovery, but he could certainly use our assistance as well.   Doug has probably worked on just about everyone in the club’s bikes at one point or another and has gotten us all back on the road, and now we have the opportunity help him “get back on the road” as well.  

We have established a pay pal account for donations, no set amount, just whatever you’d like or are comfortable with.  Select the button below and follow the instructions.  Every little bit will help Doug get back on his feet, literally and figuratively.  Thank you.